My IBS symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more common than we know or think. Having IBS and writing about it helps me, I also hope it will benefit others too.

As a child growing up I had no idea that I would be dealing with Irritable Bowel, but looking back it makes complete sense. Living with Cerebral Palsy, made me more prone to constipation and being constipated made me more susceptible to IBS.

The hard part is recognising the symptoms. It’s not always easy to equate the symptoms with a condition. Unless we’re familiar with the term, or know someone who has it, we assume it’s what we deal with, but rarely equate it back to a diagnosis, or know what the diagnosis might be. I always assumed that it was something I ate.

With IBS it’s easy to struggle with the usual abdominal pain and bloating of the abdomen and although depression, headaches, poor concentration and chronic fatigue may all be synonymous with IBS, luckily I didn’t have those.

Some of the symptoms linked to IBS can be avoided, just by leading a healthy lifestyle. In certain cases, it doesn’t always follow that if a family member has it, we will inherit it.

22 Jan, 2011

4 thoughts on “My IBS symptoms

  1. Yes Ilana your are absolutely right. Lifestyle and diet do have a lot to do with the symptoms of IBS. Watching what you eat and avoiding the “bad” foods (triggers) will help greatly. Avoiding stress and doing moderate exercise also helps… and lets not forget water, 6-8 cups a day. It’s very good for you. Lisa

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