Natural Stress Remedies

The more we are successful at avoiding moods and stress, the more our quality of life will improve. As a follow on from my previous blog on moods and stress, I will now look at natural stress remedies and ways of improving moods naturally.

How to reduce stress

Exercise is a good stress reliever. It makes us feel good about ourselves, happier and healthier in the longer term. Exercise also helps transport oxygen around the body and gets our blood flowing, so that we feel more mentally alert and well.

Sunlight is another health booster. It not only provides us with Vitamin D, but also benefits us mentally. Sunlight boosts chemicals in the brain, known as melatonin and dopamine that make us feel more mentally alert. If we feel mentally alert, we’re more likely to feel less depressed.

A healthy breakfast is a great way to start to the day. Try also to eat small frequent meals, including vegetables, fruit and oily fish such as salmon; sardines; tuna and herring. Vitamin B, which is a natural energy/mood booster, should also be included. Other foods include green leafy vegetables; sweet corn; berries; whole grain cereals; brown rice and liver.

It is well known that the more junk food we consume, the more we are likely to suffer from depression and mood swings, than if we try to eat healthily. We must also cut out or cut down on refined foods and sugar. Limit the amount of caffeine, or fizzy drinks and alcohol we consume and avoid stimulants such as drugs and cigarettes as these can affect moods and may lead to depression.

Having a pet helps us reduce stress and by reducing stress we are more likely to avoid mood swings and depression. Sleeping well at night is also a good recipe to avoid being irritable. If we are not irritable, we more likely going to avoid moods.

Without getting our quota of sleep, we are more likely to have problems with moods. Sleeping not only allows us to cope better in our day, but it also helps us avoid heart disease. Talk to a trusted friend, family or a counsellor if you think you are emotionally or mentally struggling.

16 Jan, 2011

6 thoughts on “Natural Stress Remedies

  1. I haven’t tried a lot of these natural remedies, but I should at least attempt to try them out sometime soon to see if they actually help.

    There are just some days where I know what I need to do to take care of myself and I just can’t seem to find the ambition.

    I guess it’s all new to me on the fact that it’s okay for me to take care of myself, compared to the way I grew up. I’ll post more when it comes up!

  2. Randy I am so pleased to hear from you.

    It’s okay to do a little at a time, when first starting out with any natural remedies. Find out what works for you and then go with it.

    I always say it doesn’t matter what you do when, just as long as you do it… I look forward to your next post!

  3. This is all great, straightforward advice. We should try just one of these suggestions and see how much better we feel.

    I’m looking forward to Spring and some sunshine. That always lifts my mood.

  4. These are all great relievers of stress and depression. I actually use a lot of them especially the sun, pets and sleep and eating better. these all help.

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