Navigating relationships

Unfortunately, navigating relationships seems to have become part of every day life. For some of us having to deal with people using manipulation to get where they want and telling lies, brings about many challenges.

It’s usually the challenges in our relationships that make navigation all the more difficult. In some relationships, it may even be a battle of the wills. Having to navigate our way around any relationship can not only be tiring, but also draining.

For those of us lucky enough to have had parents who have guided and supported us, we’re more likely to do the same in our own relationships, so will less likely have to navigate those relationships. I believe that as long as we understand how relationships work, we will have the opportunity to tackle those relationships differently.

No one should have to navigate their way round any relationship. If we’re not happy with something, we should look to change or at least try to change that thing. I believe the art of communication and how we communicate is key to change.

I also believe that as long as we continue to compromise, listen and understand, we will all in the longer term learn to have better relationships, which don’t involve some of the above problems.

Finally, set your own standards in your relationship that is so important; instead of working on another person’s standards, which is what we often do.

22 Nov, 2012

4 thoughts on “Navigating relationships

  1. I agree with you. A lot of us navigate around relationships and it shouldn’t have to be that way. We should all be open and honest in our relationships.

    I think honesty is a big must. If you can’t trust someone why have the relationship? It is especially important in a marriage. I fully trust my husband and I think he trusts me. I haven’t given him reason not to. I’ve been open and honest with him since day one.

    Navigating around a relationship is a hardship and can be very stressful.

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