Negativity & insecurity

Negativity mirrors insecurity. If we live with negativity, we will live with insecurity too. We tend to notch them both up like hot dinners.

Although neither is genetically disposed, insecurities are often induced by our upbringing and environment and will make those who have a pre-disposition to being negative and insecure more susceptible to both. The more confidence we have, the less negativity and insecure we will be.

21 Aug, 2014

4 thoughts on “Negativity & insecurity

  1. Wow, that does make sense considering my parents were always arguing about things like money which tends to make you neurotic after a while!

    We grew up with such negativity that it’s no wonder we ended up with so many issues. It gives you such a complex that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going most of the time! I think this was worse than physical abuse in a lot of ways because it stressed us out so much.

    Kids shouldn’t have to worry about things like money or where the next meal is coming from. It explains so much as to how the two are connected and create such chaos in our lives!

    I’m trying to change things now so I don’t have to keep hearing the old tapes in my mind.

    1. I hope you succeed Randy. No one should have to put up with either. I’m sorry you had those issues to deal with Randy.

      Whilst we cannot change our past, we are and have to be instrumental in changing out present and how we deal with our future. I am so pleased you’re trying to change things now, so you don’t have to hear the old tapes in your mind.

      I’m with you there. No child should have to go through that.

  2. I agree. I grew up with negativity and used to be very insecure. My parents were very negative about my future, school and whatever. I probably would have gone off to college if it weren’t for my parents but that is the past and I have forgiven them in my heart.

    I understand why they did what they did. This all lead me not to believe in myself and not succeed for a while in my life. After I got out on my own I gained the trust in myself that I needed to succeed.

    I believe we should all think positive thoughts and quit being so negative about everything.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Easier said than done. It would be lovely to think that’s where we all are.

      But as you have seen with your own parents handling of you, our formative years have everything to do with where we are emotionally and our emotional state has everything to do with negativity and our insecurities. We must be able to deal with both.

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