Never admitting fault

Sadly, those who will never admit they’re at fault, are usually the ones who are at fault. We all know of someone who will constantly blame their past, their experiences and their failings on everything and everyone but themselves.

There are those who also don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and will spend a lifetime, outwardly blaming others and on things and yet they won’t admit that’s exactly what they’re doing. For example, they’ll tell you they failed an exam because the questions were unfair, not because they didn’t put the man hours in to pass the exam.

We see the same thing in politics, where we can only shake our heads in disbelief, as those in Government who are responsible for every day decisions, shirk their responsibilities on decisions made and pass the buck, only admitting their mistakes when they’re brought to task, but still fail to admit what those mistakes are and why they are personally responsible.

In our day-to-day lives, we know people who shirk and who need to own up to their responsibilities. As children, our parents are responsible, but as the adult we must become responsible, but sadly that doesn’t stop those others passing the buck. No one takes responsibility for how they treat others either, or that they are someway to blame.

For those who come from a place of care, who tell others how they feel, must sit up and listen. And just because we don’t like what they’re saying doesn’t mean it’s not happening in the way we they say it is. If that is us, we must accept responsibility for how we make others feel and look within ourselves to change things.

What we hand out is what we will get back. Like a reflection, we will get back what we hand out, so perhaps we should admit we’re at fault when we’re at fault and get things right first time.

12 Aug, 2017

2 thoughts on “Never admitting fault

  1. I think admitting fault is part of our development. It can be quite cathartic, as accepting responsibility enables us to grow and move on.

    Those who always blame others avoid that responsibility and unless they change that behaviour will always follow that negative pattern.

    1. You’re absolutely right, but not many of us do or will accept that we are at fault or will admit responsibility to that.

      I think stronger bonds would be tied, there would be less breakups and the world would be a nicer place to live in, if more of us admitted we’re at fault when we clearly are.

      Not to admit we are, not only hurts us but will also hurt those we’re around and that’s not fair or right. No one can ever grow, emotionally or spiritually without admitting they’re at fault.

      Sadly, I have seen too many people do that and still they continue to do it.

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