New research on Gerd

I’m upset that I continue to struggle to stay well, due to problems with reflux. That I must be on my guard and that’s adding to my stress. I hate it.

It’s not something I manage all the time and that’s not easy. The implications of not keeping reflux under wraps, is beginning to scare me, so I’ve gone to the internet again to find out more. There is new research out there that suggests that poor muscle tone is the primary cause for people who struggle with reflux.

Molecular imaging was used to analyse the muscles of the oesophagus in patients who had Gerd. They now have evidence to suggest this muscle is responsible and from the information gathered so far, can determine whether someone has mild, moderate or severe Gerd.

These are their initial findings. Larger studies will be needed for further clarification, but their research should go someway to helping patients who struggle with the disease. It is hoped that scientists will be able to look into further medication so that they can provide a more comprehensive guide that addresses poor muscle tone for those who suffer.

At the moment all conventional treatment does is address the problem of reflux. It’s not targeted at a specific cause pertaining to the symptoms. It’s not so clear-cut for me because I have other problems too. With poor muscle tone, it does go some way though, to explain why it takes me so long to get rid of reflux, once I have it.

It can take me anything up to 24 hours for me to fully recover. Reflux completely interferes with so much of my life. I’m not always in control and need to be, primarily to avoid further complications.

19 Dec, 2012

4 thoughts on “New research on Gerd

  1. Good that you are doing better. Don’t stress yourself out or it will likely get worse.

    Try to stay cool, calm and collected.

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