No reserves on my health

I was reminded the other day how little reserve I have on my health. One bad choice sets my health back. It tips the scales between wellness and illness all the time.

It’s only when we get to the stage, where we tire of having to make better choices so that we can live our life that we realise what we actually deal with. Going back to the journal I wrote about John Merrick, (“The Elephant Man”) wanting to sleep normally just so that he could experience a normal life; I would like that too. For those who know his story, it’s that what cost him his life.

When we have to do something we have no choice, it’s easy to think about how much easier it would be, being able to live a different life. I sometimes spend my days thinking how great it would be to eat normal foods, not to have to take supplements, or herbal remedies to stay well, then I regroup and then come back down to earth and realise that can never happen.

Like “The Elephant Man,” that isn’t my life. The consequences of illness are far too great for me just to let go; but how I wish I could.

14 Feb, 2011

8 thoughts on “No reserves on my health

  1. I am caught in this right now. I have cravings for certain foods I cannot have until after my gall bladder surgery. If I cheat and have something I shouldn’t, I will feel bad. I have to continue the low fat diet for about 6 weeks after I have the operation.

    I will probably get over the craving once I have the food I want once. I just have to get use to the new me, 20lbs lighter.

    It is weird right now, because I don’t even feel like me. But it is easier on my legs which is a benefit.

  2. Eating healthy can get old sometimes; but considering the alternatives it’s a much better idea. I tend to have cravings for junk food on occasions, but for the most part I try to eat healthily.

    Hopefully now I can just work on losing a few pounds, which would also be helpful.

    1. Randy I’m pleased you’re trying with your food. In the long run your health will benefit and you’ll lose a few pounds into the bargain!

  3. Restrictions and limitations can be difficult, especially when the alternative seems so appealing.

    I’ve also often wondered how life would be if things were “more normal” for me. I think to some extent it’s natural and part of being human to have such thoughts.

    As you said, most often the cost of obtaining certain wishes isn’t worth the risk.

  4. I too would love to live a normal life for once, but can’t. I haven’t since I was 8 years old. But I’m pretty happy with my life… and I wouldn’t risk it for normalcy.

    1. Although that will never be, these thoughts seem pretty normal to me. The pain and suffering we would have to go through to have a normal day would be too great though, not something I would risk either.

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