Nothing to fix

The conclusion I came to a long time ago is, “we don’t have to be fixed to be healed.” We must be flexible enough to be ready for what life throws at us. Having a certain belief doesn’t take away pain, but it can help alleviate stress through our understanding.

Having to cope with an illness, challenge or a disability doesn’t mean we’re broken or damaged. It’s just something we’re born with. We’re human, having a human experience and that means we’ll always incorporate certain challenges along the way that we will have to deal with. Being fixed isn’t about acquiring perfection.

We can heal without being fixed. Having the ability and willingness to accept unconditionally whatever life throws at us, allows for healing. It’s all to do with our mind-set and how we see ourselves.

If we heal emotionally, there will be nothing for us to physically fix. Our lives can be in tatters and we still see our lives as positive. It’s all to do with our mindset.

29 Nov, 2013

6 thoughts on “Nothing to fix

  1. I agree. I think we have been preoccupied with fixing and being fixed for a long time, but that is looking at things the wrong way.

    As you say we need to be healed from inside. Nothing to fix here, move along !

  2. “Being fixed” sounds like an object that is broken. We’re not objects that can be fixed.

    We need to heal from the inside out. We’re not broken, we just have some physical problems. I agree with you, we need to heal emotionally, then the rest will come.

    1. It’s sad when anyone thinks and feels like that. I remember a dear friend using those exact same words. I am sure he wasn’t alone with his thoughts. I completely understand.

      Having CP myself it would be easy for me to feel that I need to be fixed before I can heal… that in a way I’m not whole but I’m choosing not to.

      If we’re not feeling positive about what we deal with it would be easy to think these thoughts.

  3. Yes one of the big stigmas about life is that if you’re not what they consider to be “normal,” they act like there’s something wrong with you that needs to be fixed.

    People definitely aren’t perfect, which can be highly frustrating when there are such stereotypes of what we should be like. Men are expected to be tall, dark and handsome and women are expected to be supermodels 24/7!

    It’s just mind boggling how much effort goes into people wanting to be something different, when we should be able to be comfortable with living as who we are.

    1. There is definitely a problem with society and in the media with regard to the different stereotypes.

      We’re unconsciously made to feel others are better than we are and that’s when we begin to look at what we deal with and wanting to be something different.

      Like you, I also believe we should be comfortable with living as who we are.

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