Our alter ego

I’ve never understood why some people choose to live their lives through their alter ego. Perhaps it’s because they worry about how vulnerable others will see them, so choose to hide. Hiding behind ones alter ego doesn’t lend itself to compatibility or communication with others; just with themselves.

Although none of us are exempt from life or stress, perhaps those who hide behind their alter ego find it easier to behave in this way for that exact reason. Any presenting behaviour becomes a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, the alter ego is based on sarcasm, but any form of sarcasm if constantly used has the potential to offend.

An alter ego can produce anything from sarcasm to snarky comments that are not always appropriate and are aimed at people who are just ‘too slow’ to get it. An alter ego becomes a bad habit when we come to rely on it, rather than relying on ourselves.

Unfortunately, those of us who use an alter egos will have little time for others, will have opinions about other people and will choose to mock or make fun of other people through their alter ego. Because alter egos are deemed acceptable by society, more people get away with it and aren’t always accountable.

Although that’s the way people will choose to behave, in the bigger scheme of things, no one gets away with their alter ego behaviour and how they make other people feel.

5 Feb, 2015

2 thoughts on “Our alter ego

  1. Honestly, I don’t know what an alter ego is! I’m sure I have an ego but it doesn’t show much, that I’m aware of.

    I see a lot of ego in more guys than gals, especially young teens. They think they are tough and “IT.” My ex boyfriend had a big one and it was annoying.

    I don’t like to annoy people, so my ego doesn’t show much that I’m aware of.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Don’t worry I am sure there are lots of things you know that other people probably won’t. Knowing you as I do Lisa, I would say you don’t have an alter go; which is a good thing.

      An alter ego is another side of oneself; an intimate friend that communicates for us, but often inappropriately. When someone uses their alter ego we see a completely different side to that person.

      An alter ego is something people hide behind; it’s not who they really are in reality.

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