Our conscience

I have always had and lived with a conscience. As a pleasing child, always caring about others, made me think about my conscience. For those who don’t think about, live or work with their conscience, they may work under the guise that a conscience is for others.

A conscience is the complex ethical and moral principles that inhibit or controls the actions of thoughts of an individual. The conscience is part of the cognitive process that elicits rational associations and emotions, based on impulses about self-preservation, and safety of a community, society and family.

Working with our conscience allows us to think about what’s right and wrong and do what’s right, no matter what. We should all be using our conscience from a moral standpoint, so that we’re consciously thinking and doing right by others. The conscience should be used to help us form judgments responsibly.

The conscience is there to guide us on whether what we’re doing is right. It’s a reality check on decisions yet to make and decisions made. It epitomises moral action, if it’s used the way it is supposed to be used.

It’s the inner sense of our conduct and motives, requiring us to do the right thing. We are reminded by governments of how they feel it appropriate to put party politics and political self-interest before society first.

4 Apr, 2019

2 thoughts on “Our conscience

  1. I probably couldn’t live with myself if I had a conscience of a narcissist or anyone who has a hard time seeing humanity. I doubt if folks like that truly understand the trouble they’re in with the universe.

    1. I’m with you on this Tim. Perhaps, therefore, we must ask ourselves if they really care that they’re in trouble with the universe?

      Your reference to ‘humanity’ is spot on. Life is about humanity, caring about others and giving back. Our start point must be that we want to care.

      Those who care will always want to make a difference. Those who don’t will always care for themselves first and this is the start of those narcissistic traits you talk about.

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