Our conscious connections

The more we’re aware of and deal with our unconscious thoughts, the more we will stay consciously connected. As children growing up, we never make the conscious connections we need to make.

It is only when we begin to look back on those times that we became aware. But we need to consciously think about, analyse and deal with things if we are going to change our behaviour. Sadly, unless we can consciously stay in the moment, it’s our subconscious thoughts and patterns that will continue to guide our behaviour.

The subconscious is involuntary, it is the reasoning mind that remains in a dormant state that we have no access to, unless we learn how to access it. The subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it. The subconscious stores all our experiences, until such a time those experiences emerge and take shape as an outer experience, that corresponds to their content.

The subconscious doesn’t reason like the conscious can. It doesn’t argue what it receives, it just takes what we give it. But for our behaviour patterns to change, the subconscious and conscious must work in sync with each other.

Unless we make ourselves aware of what lies beneath our conscious, we will fail to deal with past experiences and therefore fail to make our conscious connections to change any shortcomings.

13 Feb, 2018

2 thoughts on “Our conscious connections

  1. Yes, once againthis happens to be what I’m having to deal with right now! Far too often my subconscious mind kicks in (my survival mode) seeing as that’s how I was forced to live for so long.

    This is exactly how PTSD works, when you get to a point where you no longer have to even think about reacting ,when it becomes a working part of the mind and overrides any other thoughts.

    I knew what I had long ago, after studying about Vietnam vets with what they went through even after coming home. It’s a constant struggle for me at times to keep that conscious connection with my mind when the survival instincts are so easily triggered.

    I was reminded of that fact today, when my mind shut down and I slept in longer than I should have, rather than deal with the feelings that I was feeling.

    Sleep was one of the only escapes I had at one time, when I couldn’t physically get away, but unfortunately the problem is still always there when I wake up.

    1. Thanks Randy. I know how what you describe feels, but it differs slightly for me because those thoughts tend to keep me up.

      I have always struggled with bad thoughts and those thoughts bad thoughts tend to override any other thoughts.

      I do get to sleep but it’s usually through exhaustion. Luckily when I wake up what I had in my mind goes.

      I usually have to keep myself busy to take away any bad thoughts.

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