Our Corona lessons

Autism is the reason I’ve been in shock for the last 5 weeks being in lock down, but now it’s bringing a new thinking from me. Into the 5th week and it doesn’t feel scary. But the virus must bring a new thinking from all of us.

This back to back blog is important. The virus should be making you think about things. We have reduced our trips to the grocery store to one day a week, which means we’re buying more healthy food, less snack food and buying what we need for the week, which means the food we cook and leave refrigerated isn’t now being thrown away.

We’re making what we buy last longer, so we’re making less trips to the grocery store, what we don’t have, we do without. Those trips have been dramatically reduced to one day a week, and not the 2 to 3 days a week that we used to do.

Although our normal life has gone, and we have a new and different normal, we must put the natural world and others first. We have lessons to learn here. The corona is teaching us about humanity, about the world. We must act and live differently moving forward.

Through the other end, we must think about and start behaving differently. We must start to think about and save the natural world, we must save the planet, before we have no planet. If we ignore the signs, what we then have to face WILL become our reality.

Now dealing with the coronavirus, and we’re still putting ourselves first. The police chiefs also aren’t getting this right, telling us we’re allowed to travel to exercise. What is the point of lock down then? Exercise near to where you live. Out walking yesterday, the roads are filling up again. In store, people are still panic buying, leaving the vulnerable even more exposed.

I’m not sure with ignorance still out there, what’s it going to take? We must think about and put the world first. I again go back to Chris Packham and Sir David Attenborough, both Naturalists, who are continually trying to educate the public. On our parts we must listen to what they have to say.

We must put our world first. Through the other end we must make our lives less about our needs and more about what can do to save our planet, before we have no planet. It may sound far fetched, but these are now our realities.

25 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “Our Corona lessons

  1. Welcome to the new world. People aren’t going to change anytime soon, even with everything that has happened recently, so unfortunately we just have to wait and see what happens.

    There are a lot of people in shock over this, which I do understand, but in the world I grew up in, it was always a daily battle for survival, which is why it hasn’t fazed me.

    I’m sure that’s why I like to watch shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ seeing as I can relate, always being on guard and fighting everything every day.

    I know a lot of people can’t comprehend what it was really like, it was really bad, but they weren’t there and I have siblings who can verify that it was really that bad.

    We definitely need to change our ways to save ourselves and the planet, but it’s going to be the ones who refuse to change that are going to be the people who doom us.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes,’we definitely need to change our ways to save ourselves and the planet, but it’s going to be the ones who refuse to change that are going to be the people who doom us’ – you’re right and we do.

      I also have concerns that things will stay the same. According to scientists, who continue to work with naturalists, we have around 25 years left to reverse some of the damage we’ve done to the planet.

      The coronavirus shows we can reverse the damage. Moving forward, we must have policies in place that safeguard our future and that of the natural world.

  2. I wonder what a bird or a cow or any animal thinks about our stewardship of the planet, because we are obviously blind when it comes to self observation.

    We need to start resisting our natural inclinations before it’s too late. We need to save this planet, now.

    1. Thanks Tim, good observation. Putting on my intuitive hat, I think they don’t think in that way.

      But like the human species, like other animals they will know abuse. Animals aren’t lateral thinkers. But I do agree we need to ‘resist our natural inclinations’ before it is too late.

      We need to more selfless, not selfish and think about and put the natural world first. We need to think about eating less meat products because animal practices in farming is contributing to climate change. We’re part of the same eco-system. We need each other to survive.

      We’re not doing enough. Even if we’re not healers, the more spiritual we become, the more we will start giving back. We’re not learning our own lessons.

      Now please let the coronavirus be our lesson and let’s act together moving forward, before it’s all too late.

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