Emotional and Physical Health

The stronger we are emotionally, the better we should handle all that life throws at us. The stronger we are, the quicker we should bounce back from disappointments, the better relationships we may build.

It is important to learn to focus on our emotional and physical health as much as we can, so that we don’t get lost in the complications of life. It requires as much effort to build and maintain our physical health, as it does to build and maintain our mental and emotional health.

There are those who are emotionally and physically well and who have a sense of purpose. They manage stress quickly and efficiently, they have an air of contentment about them. They know what they want from life.

They have the flexibility to adapt to new situations. Their self-esteem and confidence become second-nature. They also move through life with a sense of calm. In our often busy and often stressful lives, it’s important to continue to strive towards better emotional and physical health.

9 Feb, 2012

4 thoughts on “Emotional and Physical Health

  1. All of this is borne out by my recent experience, you can’t have physical well-being without emotional well-being; they are inextricably linked.

  2. I also agree with Brad. People make themselves ill when they are emotionally upset or dwell on certain things.

    Constantly thinking of bad stuff can cause illness I believe. Like thinking you’re ill will cause an illness.

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