Our Higher Self

In spiritual terms, the higher self is an extension of us and part of the universal source of cosmic energy. It is an energy we can’t always see, but it links us to everything and everyone in the cosmos.

The higher consciousness, through this shared energy, is contained within each of us, which gives us access to knowledge from within ourselves and universal wisdom. Our ‘higher self’ is very much part of us. It is the ‘awakened’ aspects of us that seeks out the deepest truths and hidden knowledge not yet uncovered.

It is through our intuition that we are able to learn about ourselves. Our intuition guides us, through insight it teaches us. It is the part of us that continues to recall information, without outwardly looking for that information.

Our intuition helps us to come to terms with aspects our lives, it helps us understand the reasoning behind our experiences; it is the part of us that is accepting of how and why we get to where we are and why what happens to us, happens.

Spending time in nature, learning to meditate, listening to music, also helps us to tap into our Higher Self.  Our higher self is a part of us that we fail to connect with most of the time.

27 Sep, 2021

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