Our internal workings

Our emotions have everything to do with our internal workings. Unless we deal with our emotional cognitive framework, which comprises our emotional understanding of the world, other people and ourselves, what we try to achieve will never work.

We can never expect to make headway, make important decisions without dealing with our emotions first. It is our emotions that govern our behaviour, how we communicate, what we think about ourselves, how well we adapt into our lives and how easily we go on to make those all-important decisions.

When we lack clarity based around our emotions, we will always have uncertainties based around our choices. We cannot expect to function well on any level, unless we understand and put our emotions in order.

29 Sep, 2015

2 thoughts on “Our internal workings

  1. I recently had a frosty conversation with a member of my family about personal responsibility or lack thereof. But after venting my emotions to some degree, I felt the need to suppress my feelings before my emotions enveloped me.

    Perhaps one of my greatest fears is my emotions, particularly if love or anger is involved.

    1. I think it’s a shame Tim, but absolutely understand your frustrations. Depending on which family member we’re dealing with, we often have to suppress our feelings, particularly when conversations get out of hand.

      The more we deal with our emotions, the more we’ll get to handle other people better, but I’m not sure how many of us buy into that concept. I’m not sure we really think about. People often think it’s us who need to change that they don’t have to.

      You’re looking for help and support and that’s only right. Why shouldn’t you ask for help and say something when it’s not forthcoming?

      From my experience people won’t always do their fair share and inevitably we end up carrying the can, particularly when it comes to family. All we can do is change our own perceptions and lower our expectations. That way we’ll never be disappointed when things don’t happen.

      I think anger is the most powerful of emotions and it’s easy to be fearful of it, particularly because it’s easy to lose control. Perhaps we should re-evaluate, so that we think about those people we choose to spend time with. If that’s not possible, we should then spend less time around them.

      Rest assured, they will still be accountable, may be not by us but through the eyes of the universe.

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