Our Intuitive Mind

When we use our intuitive mind we find resolution, instead of using blame. Where we know others are to blame, we choose resolution instead.

The intuitive mind is based on a sense about a person, or situation that is genuine, an unexpected feeling. Not everyone will notice and if they notice may not understand what that feeling is, they may even feel scared by it, if it is their first time.

It’s a feeling that brings resolve and people together. It plays a key role in our everyday lives, one that is linked to spirituality, the emotions and the soul. Working with our intuition is ‘soulful.’

Highly intuitive people use their intuitive mind to make decisions based on instinct, through an invisible bridge that connects the unconscious to the conscious. They are not afraid to work and go with what is instinctive, listening to the powerful words that speak through the mind. Intuition comes from the soul and is within all of us.

When we use our intuition, we do so with good intent. Working with our intuition means we come from a place of knowing, based on universal understanding. We’re using something that changes things for the better. It’s a skill, that once honed becomes part of who we are.

Without our intuition advice becomes an opinion, a direction, and even if the intent is not to preach, without our intuition, it is something we may preach, because we lack the understanding.

6 Mar, 2021

2 thoughts on “Our Intuitive Mind

  1. People don’t believe me when I say that I’m a very intuitive person, but after I watched ‘Star Trek:TNG’ I knew what to call it, I’m an empath.

    My girlfriend was a prime example of the misunderstanding that people have, when she asked me if I was psychic, but thankfully that isn’t the case.

    I definitely can’t read minds, but I can read people pretty well, which is something that I wish that I would have paid more attention to when I was younger.

    This is something I don’t often mention, since people tend to think you’re crazy. My life would have been much better had I paid more attention to what my instincts were telling me.

    I can only try to make full use of them now, to make the rest of my life as good as possible for myself and the people that I care about.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re not crazy, you’re intuitive because you read people and that doesn’t make you crazy.

      Being a psychic is different. Psychics talk to ‘dead people’ our loved ones in spirit, they bring messages back to us so that we know our loved ones are well.

      Sadly, it’s not to say those people will agree with what you know about them, but I do think that if more of us were open about ourselves more, they would know the truth for themselves and act on that.

      I agree with you Randy, the more we are open to understanding reading situations better, we’d start making different decisions for ourselves on the ones we go on to make.

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