Our journey’s purpose

There is a spiritual belief that trauma and difficulties around traumatic experiences are the symptoms of us having lost sight of the purpose of our journey.

But perhaps it is not always us who have lost sight, but it’s those who inflict trauma who have lost sight of their own purpose. I didn’t lose sight of my journey, what I had to deal with was the purpose of my journey.

Like many of us, we’re not always able to change things early on, but it is the daily practice of gratitude that is available to each of us that pulls us through.

29 Jan, 2018

4 thoughts on “Our journey’s purpose

  1. It’s fairly easy to lose our reason for being, when surviving life becomes our only purpose. So shallow, our inability to see the bigger picture.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, many of us ‘survive’ but that’s not really living.

      If we were to put our trust more in the universe, we would understand what it means to have a purpose and how that might work.

      Where we replace our purpose with material things that may be construed as being shallow, but perhaps many of us are just merely trying to survive and that’s all it is.

      That we’re not able to look at the ‘bigger picture.’

  2. Some lose sight and some just don’t understand, but it’s not always easy to comprehend that trauma may come along to show us the way, when at times that trauma can make life so difficult.

    1. Thanks. Yes to both. This is what trauma does.

      Trauma is a lesson where we would simply fail to learn without it, in the same way we learn more from our failings, more than we do our failings.

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