Our need to declutter

Having clutter isn’t always something we think about. How many of us buy more than we need? We don’t even have to use what we buy, we just store it.

But when we take clutter away we begin to let go of more than just our possessions, emotionally and psychologically we simplify and tidy our mind, what we think about our lives and where we need to make changes. We will adapt into our lives better without the clutter.

To declutter, we could consolidate our ‘to do’ list so it’s more manageable, we could consolidate our finances, even consolidate our friends. We could buy less when we’re at the supermarket. There’s lots we can do.

The reasoning behind why we must declutter is simple. When we declutter, all other aspects of our lives become simplified too, allowing us to hold on to the things that matter.

1 Jul, 2011

10 thoughts on “Our need to declutter

  1. I changed my mobile phone number a while ago so clients could no longer call me on it as I’d had a few calls on a weekend from clients who couldn’t wait til Monday to speak to me.

    Now they can’t ring me when I am out of the office. Many have commented that it is incovenient for them having to wait until I return their calls. One client said that making yourself available only when you want to be is a great part of decluttering your life and he was impressed that I had changed my number.

    I never looked at it that way until he said that. I think there are probably many areas of our lives that could be improved by getting rid of unwanted things and people who are no good for us.

    I am sure that many things we acquire in our lives and relationships we keep either through habit or for fear of change that could do with a long good look and a clear out.

  2. I used to be such a neat freak. I had no clutter but when my father passed away I started to “collect” things, so my home became cluttered horribly. We just recently cleaned out all the clutter.

    I gave a lot of stuff away to charity and stored some things. Now I’m back to being a little neat freak like I used to be and I freak out if the house gets cluttered up and messy after I spent all this time cleaning it up.

    Of course we have another family living with us that are very much less than neat. I think that situation may be resolving soon so we can get back to a little normalcy around here.

    We don’t have a lot of friends so we don’t go out much so there is little stress around about that. Unless it maybe that we need to get out more like we used to. We’ve become home bodies and let work and home take over our time and lives.

    1. It’s lovely that you’re clearing your closets out and you’re housing is looking tidier now. It must be difficult trying to be neat with another family living with you, but as you say when they leave you’ll have more space with less clutter.

  3. I know my girlfriend tries quite often to help me do that, which I find quite frustrating to say the least.

    I do have a bad habit of hoarding, which I already know I need to work on. I know it stems from when I was a child and we never had a lot of things that we could call our own.

    I’ll have to give an update at some point when I know that I’m getting better with decluttering!

    1. I think that when we don’t have in our formative years, we tend to want to have! Recognising the need to declutter is half the battle I feel. The other half is getting rid of our clutter.

  4. My father keeps anything regardless of whether he will use it again. Makes no sense to me because my brother and I will be getting rid of it when Dad passes.

    I see the garage and all I see is junk that will be never used again. I think this stems from being a baby in the depression. Families were poor and did not have much.

    1. I completely understand Randy. To me it’s a mind set thing, we can chose to live a certain way and that if our personal possessions are free of clutter, our life is free of clutter. If our life is free of clutter we have more peace in it.

      You are probably right Randy about your father; but just because we live one way, doesn’t mean we have to continue to live that way… It’s up to us to change, however we manage to do it.

  5. Very wonderful post Ilana. I love this. I totally agree with you that the less clutter we have around us, the more peace we have psychologically.

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