Our realities in the present

We see what benefits us, what conventional wisdom tells us to see and that can’t help us. We would rather be right than admit we’re wrong, than someone else prove us right. Changing our views would be an admission we’re wrong, or an incomplete understanding of an issue.

When it comes to beliefs, they are tied up in our identities. If changing our beliefs mean changing our identity that may come with disapproval from those we share our identity with. But seeing what we need to see is important for our spiritual and emotional growth and so that we’re true to ourselves.

We will always live in a fantasy world away from our realities when we ignore what we see. But living with the facts and how they present, isn’t always bad. In the short term, it may be hard to deal with the facts as they present, but in the longer term, the facts as they present will help us acclimatise to our realities and uncover the truth.

Exactly what we need to know, is exactly what will help us change and put us into better emotional spaces. Our realities in the present don’t change or move on, unless we deal with them and move those things on.

They’re usually there for us to learn something about ourselves and so that we can make good for other people. The reason we’re all here.

3 Jul, 2018

6 thoughts on “Our realities in the present

  1. My realities right now are being with someone who I don’t want to be with, rather than change things and chance losing what little I do have.

    Is it really worth staying just to have access to a new vehicle? What does it really benefit me if I feel at times like ending my life just to be able to escape?

    Today is one of those days where I think about what it would be like to have my independence and freedom which is something I don’t know a whole lot about.

    It may be scary to even consider and very painful for a while, but I think the rewards would be well worth the risk. It isn’t like I haven’t been through a breakup before, so I’m sure that I will survive.

    1. As you say Randy you’ve walked away from relationships before, if you’re that unhappy this is something you should consider.

      The good thing is you’re aware of just what you’re realities are, but as the saying goes ‘it’s better to come from a broken home than live in one.’

      Rather get out and begin to live your life, than stay in a relationship you’re struggling even to function in and function well in.

  2. We often confuse our realities with reality and fail to understand we can actually change what needs changing to make a new reality.

    I sometimes wish I had done that a long time ago, but we tend to get stuck where we feel safe until something or someone comes along to nudge us in a different direction.

    1. I think the majority of us know we can change, but we’re either too scared or apprehensive to change the familiar.

      We would rather go with what we know that than come out of our comfort zone, unless someone has already done what we’re trying to do and we feel safe.

      But no matter the difficulty, the problems or issues we carry in our realities are resolvable. We mustn’t avoid them.

  3. Believe it or not, my reality is separate from the demons I carry around. All I have to do is close my eyes, lower my voice and speak to the light about my plans.

    Reality then becomes mine to steer, not the illusion I see before me.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, Through your response I see that now. You’re lucky you know how to and can separate the two.

      As a child then as the adult now, I see that my demons were different to my reality, but I found it enormously difficult to part company with one, to achieve the other. Of course I know why now.

      My demons became my friend, although I tried so hard not to encourage that, but sadly failed. Getting older and being able to keep myself busy moved my attentions on to other things.

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