Our scathed lives

Sadly, we don’t all come through our childhood unscathed, on some level we may be emotionally damaged. Where we have lessons to learn, some of us will learn those and others will simply choose to ignore theirs.

Along the way some of us may deal with depression, neglect or misfortune. Others may deal with injustice, trauma or abuse, but to deal with those things, we must use our emotions and through those emotions look for understanding.

Our lives follow a process that will eventually help us implement recovery, but we must be proactive; it’s a continual process that never ends. But it is a process that can help make us emotionally stronger.

Being stronger helps us to re-think about ways in which we can find understanding and acceptance on the issues we have to deal with.

28 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “Our scathed lives

  1. Yes, I agree. We must pick-up and move on. Weather it be for someone else or ourselves. The scars are there, but we don’t have to continuously relive it. It’s very hard though.

    I’ve found strength to move on through the trauma I’ve experienced. I didn’t think I ever would. I’ve had to do it for my family.

    1. Thanks Lisa, yes I think you’re right. We do have to do these things for our family. Not to means the cycle of trauma and in some cases abuse, will continue through our own children and that’s not fair.

      History has a case of repeating itself because we fail to deal with trauma. As you say the scars are there, we just learn how to see our scars differently.

  2. I agree we are all damaged by our childhood experiences, whether we wish to admit to them or not.

    Our job as adults is threefold; to recognise that we are not unscathed that we can do something about it and to change it for others.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the most important thing is that we work on ourselves first, then we can help others.

      Without changing ourselves and coming to terms with our own issues first, we will never be able to help others without our issues and the way we are coming into that equation.

      That’s not to say we won’t be able to help others, because we will still be able to do that, but our approach to how we deal with people will eventually become more obvious to the trained eye.

      Recognition of our issues as well as flaws and how we are is so important. Most of the time we’re in denial we actually have a problem.

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