Our self-righteousness

The self-righteous will always be blindsided by all that life has to offer. They will never learn about other people or other people’s lives, because they’re too focused on their own. Their life is about them.

Their holier than thou attitude, their moral superiority, taken from a sense that their beliefs and actions are of greater value than those of the average person, stops them from learning about life, their lessons or understanding why they’re here.

When we engage in internal dialogue that we never examine or evaluate, we become self-righteous. It is because we don’t examine or evaluate what we think that we start to judge and react to people and situations, without consciously being aware of why and that makes us self-righteous.

When we don’t stop to question why what’s being said is said, we put a different slant on things. When our thoughts have power and where we put our own slant on what’s being said, we are self-righteous.

Our lives are made up of irrational thoughts that have no basis when we have limited vision to see or think outside the box. But even the self-righteous can recognise their self-righteous traits and work to overcome how they are.

It’s hard to conduct any relationship around people who sadly think they’re the ones who are right. After all, they’re self-righteous, how could they be wrong?

28 Aug, 2017

8 thoughts on “Our self-righteousness

  1. Yes, I grew up with a mother who was very self righteous and claimed to be such a holy roller, while living a double life of sin and debauchery at home, which we were subjected to.

    We were always getting mixed messages from one day to the next, so it’s no wonder I was so very confused as to what was right and what was wrong. Part of me knew instinctively, but then my mother would be harping about something constantly trying to tell us what she thought was right.

    Therefore I ended up with a sense of moral superiority that was unjustified and totally opposite to what I believed in, but she had me so brainwashed that I couldn’t tell the difference.

    It’s no wonder that I have ended up in so many relationships with women who acted the same way. Now I have to work on staying focused on what I truly believe in, not what everyone else tries to tell me, which is their version of what is right.

    1. To a certain extent Randy, you will always have self-righteous people in your life I don’t think there is any getting away from that, but where you weren’t able to focus on your own version of right and wrong, I believe you can now.

      The total opposite thoughts can be accomplished, but from us knowing what is right or wrong. It’s not that you didn’t right from wrong, as you say: your ‘sense of moral superiority that was unjustified and totally opposite to what I believed in,’ so you knew.

      You can choose to believe anything you want to believe now your mother isn’t in your life. Growing up, I told myself that I would do things differently from my own upbringing and I believe we can.

      If we don’t believe something to be right that we’re told, we can change it.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the self-righteous bring many people in as it becomes a way of life for them and in doing so, we need to keep our own characters in tact.

    1. Yes, I think Tim is right and there is nothing worse.

      It’s the morally superior or the fact that people they think they are morally superior; even over us. And that’s simply not true.

  2. Wow I would love to show this to my aunts. They’re very frustrating people to be around.

    Every holiday, every time my grandfather has a birthday, every time there’s a memorial, it has to be at their house just so they can put on a show on how caring and wonderful they are and helpful.

    They’ll be the first to talk bad about a member in the family or a neighbor, without the comprehension how they contributed to their problem with other people and family. It’s very uncomfortable and quite maddening.

    They don’t work, they don’t even clean their house (they have a maid) they spend their lives vacationing literally every few weeks and have the gumption to tell everyone else how to live their lives and criticize those that don’t listen to them.

    I don’t get along well with them, don’t need to be around that kind of environment. There’s no humility whatsoever.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, I absolutely agree. Sadly, this blog doesn’t just relate to your ‘aunts.’ We potentially all have family in our midst, who do this.

      But you do right, distancing yourself is beneficial for your emotional health. It’s also not how we would choose to bring our children up.

      I also choose to distance myself from people who behave in this way.

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