Our Souls’ Imprint

The psyche is the human soul, spirit, the mind. It is what makes up our characters. If you put good vibes out and you do good deeds, those vibes and deeds will be stored in our soul.

The soul is the lens through which all of our experiences are recorded. The soul is responsible for our experiences. It is the working of the mind. In spiritual terms the psyche is the centre of the soul, and the inner workings of the spiritual body.

It holds the records of the soul’s evolutionary journey towards enlightenment. Each thought and experience we have, is recorded and becomes imprinted onto our soul.  Everything we put out is stored in our soul.

Bad deeds will also be recorded and will change what happens to us and for those who get caught up in the crossfire. Everything we see, hear and experience is imprinted and recorded by the universe, the soul knows what’s going on. If it’s out there, if we’ve lived it, it’s in our make up.

Through self-reflection, meditation, and mediation, we can work to limit the extent to which our experiences harm us, harm our souls. Without a positive effect on our ourselves and our relationships, our experiences and lives will never work out well.

7 Nov, 2020

4 thoughts on “Our Souls’ Imprint

  1. I agree and no matter how strong we think we are, everything we experience leaves an imprint on our soul that catches up with us eventually.

    Instead of powering through as we tend to, we should take a step back and listen, take some time out and reset priorities and your suggestions of self-reflection and meditation are great ‘tune-ups.’

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree with you. As you say, we should, but we don’t. I think that in such stressful times, it is even more important we think about our ‘souls imprint’ and what that means.

      With our souls’ imprint in tact, we become better people, wanting to do better and be better, which means we’re more likely to be more supportive.

      The more our soul’s aren’t tarnished, the easier our lives will be and the more our lives will work out, individually and collectively.

  2. After this earthly journey, I think our souls will return to the universe, like angels waiting to return to their masters.

    We should live our lives in such a way that we have a beautiful place to return to. Without an enlightened soul we cannot be. Every decision we make has consequences.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I absolutely love your response. What you’re describing is a picture perfect scenario and yet without an enlightened soul what you suggest will be difficult to achieve.

      We’re in this mess, because instead of ‘being enlightened’ we’re the opposite. It takes time and understanding to work out what it means to be enlightened and for us to work to that end.

      It means living a life less ordinary in ‘spiritual terms’ giving instead of taking and helping instead of expecting.

      The vices we notch up in our lifetime stop us from becoming enlightened and more humbled. It will always be in all of our best interests if we do both.

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