Our wrong thinking

When we’re born with a disability and we present differently, other people’s perceptions of how we present will always differ from the norm.

As I began to grow because of my neurological struggles, it became obvious to me I was being labelled. But it’s not for us to fix another person’s perceptions of us. If we’re getting things right, we don’t have to change just so others will fit into our lives. Instead, they must fix themselves and fit into ours.

But how we end up with our perceptions isn’t clear cut. Realities aren’t an absolute. How we see the world will change from person to person, but we must remember to include our environment, conditioning and upbringing because they are the foundations to how we think and see people.

When it comes to reality, reality doesn’t care about our thinking. Reality doesn’t change to adapt to our view, reality is what it is, it is fact, it is truth. Where reality is a fixed factor, our perceptions or thinking of reality is variable, therefore it is important we are able to differentiate between a principle (our reality) and our opinion (our perceptions).

Where a concept cannot be altered, our opinion or thinking can. We must differentiate between the two so that we’re looking at our reality in its entirety and not on how we want that situation to be. It is important we listen more, keep an open-mind and interpret correctly.

Where most of our realities are fated, those realities will already exist and will be beyond our control. However, a concept not yet thought of we can create and make our reality.

10 Apr, 2019

2 thoughts on “Our wrong thinking

  1. We tend to look and work out for ourselves how we want an outcome to go rather than work with our reality, what that reality is and what it teaches us.

    Although our perceptions may work for us in the short-term, in the long term they never will, if they don’t work in harmony with our realities.

    I think your blog is spot on. We need to come to work with our realities more, then base any perceptions we have around what we know in our reality.

    That way our lives may work out better.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we ignore our realities, misinterpret our realities, and choose to base our perceptions around how we want our realities to go, not what is in front of us.

      Those can never work. It is important we’re aware and can understand how to deal with both. Our perceptions must always work in harmony with our realities, so that the outcome is one we expect.

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