Owning change

We want change, but we don’t want to change the process, make the time or the effort. We want change, but aren’t willing to put in the hard work. We know we’ve got too much to work through and therefore become less interested in change.

I don’t believe we’re not, not interested in change, but when it becomes too difficult, we let go of our need to change. Sadly, some of us won’t always recognise we need to change. Others won’t think about it, but we need to work and own change.

Because we find any form of change hard, we’re reluctant to go through the process, let alone own it and that’s a pity, because without any form of change, we will be the ones who lose out.

22 Mar, 2015

4 thoughts on “Owning change

  1. I think you’re right; we fundamentally run away from change especially if it means a close examination of ourselves and our relationships.

    I think one of the key messages throughout all your blogs on your site, is that we can change the things we have to. It’s kind of a ‘golden thread’ running through your posts and one we should all listen to.

    1. Awww thank you. Yes I believe we can change the things we have to, but with the right tools (and my blogs also touch on those too) anyone can change; but in order to effect change we must closely examine ourselves and our relationships first.

      I agree with you, but believe that is exactly where we fall short.

  2. It’s easier to say we want to change, but taking action to do so is not that easy. To do so most of the time it requires stepping out of our comfort zone.

    I believe I have changed in the aspect of gaining more self confidence. I have always held back from expressing myself for fear of being criticised. Now I don’t care.

    Even though I still battle with self doubt from time to time, I have come a long way.

    1. Having got to know you over the months Maria, I know you have more self-confidence.Your responses have shown me that.

      I agree with you about change. To change we often have to step out of our comfort zone and that’s where the majority of us will struggle. Change is a natural occurrence of life, but for what is so natural doesn’t seem so natural when we have to step outside of our comfort zone to do it.

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