Paradigm Shift

“The term paradigm shift refers to a major change in the concept and practices of how something works or is accomplished.” – Investopedia

New behaviours don’t stick unless we see differently. Paradigms help us define how we perceive reality, how we see each other and how we see the world. We must find new ways to see, understand and shape our world, positively.

Living through the pandemic is the exact reason we must begin to think and come through the other end different people. It is important we take a moment to step back, to think about the ways in which we work and find new ways to think, relate, work and communicate with each other. The pandemic has sent us our biggest lesson. It is also our biggest challenge.

We must engage with a new purpose, a new vision for us, and the world to heal. The old ways won’t work. We must come together, we must support one another, we must develop tolerance, patience and compassion, in our quest to heal ourselves and to heal the world.

18 Oct, 2020

4 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. There definitely needs to be a major shift in the way people think, like people who refuse to do the right thing and wear a mask. Things won’t change unless people want them to and you can’t force people to change.

    It’s ridiculous the extremes people go to, to avoid doing the right thing, even the President of our own country.

    The reality is that we must all work together to survive.

    1. Thank you Randy. Your first sentence will resonate with many I am sure. Doing the right thing, being selfless around a virus they can’t see and don’t know is there, but they know they must continue to keep safe.

      The virus is a silent killer. It’s there, but you don’t know it’s there until you start to feel poorly and coming into our winter and (your fall) will make it all the harder to navigate.

      The handling of covid started badly, but I agree a shift in our thinking must happen and will go a long way to change how we all deal with the virus, collectively and individually.

  2. All of a sudden we have become aware of how the world has dramatically changed overnight and the world has been overwhelmed.

    The pandemic has shown we must change our interactions with our environment and how we think about global issues, such as sustainability, globalisation, poverty and inequality.

    I totally agree with your blog. A new thinking is required if we are ever to find a return to normality and for a balance to be achieved with how we live our lives.

    1. Although we’re not out of time, time will run out if we choose to ignore the effects of climate change.

      Our interactions with the environment and how we think about global issues are very much key to sustainability, globalisation, poverty and inequality as you rightly say.

      We are now seeing first hand what the human species is doing to the natural world. The way we live our lives, means they’re losing theirs.

      In the longer term, the human species will also start to struggle. A new thinking is required, to be ignored at our peril.

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