Politics, Brexit and Covid-19

I don’t run from my thoughts I deal with them. I don’t like to write about politics, but if it’s beginning to affect my autism, my every day life, then I’m left with no choice. Not talking about these things, makes my anxiety worse.

There is a famous saying my late father-in-law used to quote, ‘the country has gone to the dogs’ and that is very much what we’re seeing here. What that simply means is, the country is becoming less successful than it was in the past and is of worse quality. It is trashed, it is shabby and it is depressing.

Back in the day, politicians were people we admired, people we looked up to. They had integrity, they were moral, they were reliable, they had our back. We could sleep soundly at night knowing the decisions they made were in our best interest, not in their own bests interests.

We didn’t have to think about what was happening in politics, we didn’t have to think about our lives around the political sphere and how their decisions might affect us. First we had Brexit, now we have the UK government’s handling of Covid-19.

Now there isn’t a day go by where we’re not being negatively affected by the government’s decisions. Their decisions are senseless. Now on the 19th June the government is intending to lift all restrictions, wearing masks will be voluntary and yet Covid-19 hasn’t gone, with an estimated 27,989 new cases. (Source: https://www.theguardian.com).

If the scientists are to believed and they are, it will continue. We’ve just scored an own-goal. On our part, we must follow our own common sense and understand we’re dealing with a killer virus. It is important not to follow the crowd. We must want to be better, so that we can protect ourselves and our families and act as a support. It is important to contribute to lessening the virus, regardless of what the politicians now say.

I am hoping the politicians will back track on us voluntary wearing face masks. The BMI don’t agree with their strategy. Throughout Covid-19 the government have had to backtrack. Yes, there is no getting away from the fact that there is  a killer virus out there. We can’t see it, we don’t know where it is, or how it mutates, but it’s making us ill and still claiming lives.

All we know is that it has and will continue to claim lives and with the government’s choices, it will moving forward, claim even more lives. Please don’t let that be you.

2 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Politics, Brexit and Covid-19

  1. I completely agree with the sentiments on this blog. No only are we living through an unprecedented pandemic, which simply refuses to go away as we were told it would, but we are living with political decisions which are making the situation so much worse.

    Here in the UK, the scientists are side-lined and their advice ‘spun’ to meet political ideology. It is clear the politicians do not know which way is up, hence the see-saw of policy and guidance and u-turns we have had for the the past 18 months in the UK.

    We face the prospects of all but a few restrictions being lifted in two weeks, while we read that the UK has the highest number of new daily cases in Europe.

    For me and millions of others who are cautious, responsible and sensible, this means even less of a prospect of getting back into our lives, than there is today.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we can only hope moving forward the UK bring change their thinking and at least tell us masks will become compulsory in two weeks time.

      It is the only thing we need to do. It is appalling that scientists dare not speak out against the UK government. They are there to protect us and need to continue to be allowed to do their job without the interference from government.

      It’s difficult to understand or know how things will work out long term. All I know is that Covid-19 is political, the UK government are continuing to make u-turns and mistakes are continuing to be made.

      I hope them making masks voluntary in two weeks time becomes another u-turn. People like me who are high risk are relying on that happening.

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