Positive emotional practices

To be able to deal with our emotions, it is important to stay in control of our feelings, thoughts and behaviour. When we are able  to stay in control of our emotions we’re more likely to feel better about what we deal with.

When we use reflection as a tool we may learn how to see and put our problems into perspective.

My own rules are below:

  • Say what you feel. This is so important and is the catalyst to positive emotional health;
  • Sleep early and avoid televisions and computers at least an hour and a half before bed. A healthy sleep pattern and a good night’s sleep helps the body refuel and allows the mind to rest;
  • Eat the right foods;
  • Connect with yourself and take ‘me time regularly;
  • Learn not to carry your issues. Emotionally, it takes more energy to carry an issue than it does for us to address one;
  • Take responsibility for your own issues, but don’t take responsibility for issues that don’t belong to you;
  • Keeping thoughts to yourself can make you more agitated, so if you struggle to talk about your emotions, write them out instead;
  • Avoid confrontations, having to be right all the time, or sitting on the fence.

Also, it is important to choose positive friends and to avoid negative family situations, to work on self-esteem and deal with any confidence issues. It is also important to keep busy, so we may begin to feel and think more positively.

The more we carve out a calm lifestyle for ourselves, the more focused we should be. The more focused we are, the more we should begin to deal with negative issues and thoughts positively.

12 Aug, 2012

8 thoughts on “Positive emotional practices

  1. Very good points. I think it’s important to express your emotions. I don’t like the macho emphasis on guys not crying.

    I think it is healthy and I encourage it. If we don’t show emotion, it builds up inside and can turn into many things, such as resentment.

  2. If I could just remember to do all the things you suggested, my life would probably be so much better.

    It’s very hard for me at times to be really positive, but I’m trying to work on it!

  3. Wow! I love this particular entry. It really speaks to me.

    I need to put into practice the going to bed early and turning off computer/t.v. a while before bed time. I also think staying busy really helps me to view life more positively. What a great post Ilana.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights. They are so helpful for many.

    1. Thanks Katie. Turning off the computer/t.v. about an hour behalf before bed time does work. I have been doing it for a while and see a real difference.

      A better lifestyle definitely helps.

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