Positive Environmental Impact

Coldplay have taken the initiative and have put their plans to tour on hold, while they consider how to make their tours environmentally friendly. We must all take the initiative too.

Last week, the British band stated that they will not go on a world tour to promote their latest album, citing environmental concerns. Indeed, the band have said it will not tour again until the shows can be done in a sustainable way in a bid to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

In an interview with BBC News last week, frontman Chris Martin said the band are taking their time to work out how to make touring sustainable and not damaging to the environment.

Traditionally, large music concerts have huge carbon footprints and produce a massive amount of plastic waste. The travel of both fans and performers, lighting and merchandise all have negative environmental impacts. They would like to host a gig with no single use plastics, to have it largely solar powered.

It is important to the band to be able to turn it around, so they’re not as much taking, as giving. Chris Martin said, it was a question of “just accepting that you have to do your best and not be critical over others.” He also expressed optimism that others will “catch up, if you prove that it’s easy to do it the right way.”

Their last album tour, “A Head Full of Dreams,” was in November 2017.

Source: https://www.forbes.com

28 Nov, 2019

4 thoughts on “Positive Environmental Impact

  1. Let’s be honest, the climate change facts don’t look good and the man made loss of habitat and bio-diversity are having a real impact on us now and on future generations.

    News that Coldplay are taking their environmental responsibility seriously and before profit is fantastic and a role model for everyone, including businesses to follow.

    1. I am not dressing this issue up. What you have outlined in your response is also fact and we must all act to reduce our carbon footprint.

      The US President doesn’t believe global warming exists, but we all need serving governments and people to work together. Even if we don’t agree, we must keep an open mind.

      Greta Thunberg isn’t wrong, but she can’t talk loud enough for people to sit up and listen. People will always take what they want and ignore the rest. But we ignore this issue at our peril.

      It is one of the reasons I write about these issues on my blog. It is important we all act and start making positive environmental contributions.

      We are literally running out of time to save our humanity and the planet.

  2. It’s great that they want to do this, but the reality is that all of us need to work on this.

    The biggest problem with the environmental situation is that while many countries are working on changing things, you have countries like China that continue to burn coal and don’t seem too concerned about climate change.

    I am praying that it isn’t too late already and that a lot of the damage can be undone, but it is going to take time. I live in a place where climate change is pretty obvious, seeing as we’re getting rain now when normally we would be getting snow this time of year.

    Only time will tell if people are willing to do what it takes to change things, before it’s too late.

    1. Thanks Randy. You make a valid point. But we must all make climate change work. There is no second chance, or plan B if A doesn’t work.

      This isn’t about them and us. It must be about all of us. We must all work together to make our planet safer for future generations to come.

      I can’t stress that enough. Humanity could die out within 25 years + if we don’t do something know to reverse the climate changes.

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