Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude is all about having an optimistic disposition in all situations, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. A positive mental attitude increases success as it continues to attract positive changes.

Those who have a positive mental attitude practice a positive state of mind and as they do so they continue to find and execute ways to win. Regardless of their circumstances they will always look to find a desirable outcome. They will always choose to find great joy in small things and will live their lives without holding back on their personal values.

A PMA is an internal focus that systematically influences external factors. We all have control over our attitude and perceptions. Our attitudes and perceptions can be modified to improve our personal and professional life. A positive mental attitude helps us have power over our problems.

Once we understand that we have control, our attitudes can change. A positive mental attitude will always culminate in positive thinking; we must choose positive thinking to reap its benefits. The more we do it, the more we will work in harmony with each other and the more we will be a force for good.

18 Aug, 2020

4 thoughts on “Positive Mental Attitude

  1. I understand being a glass half full person has many virtues including positive influence on our health.

    It’s hard to be optimistic when the world is in the grip of an invisible killer, our governments are impotent in its wake and we are on the brink of a global recession.

    I agree optimism is important and I once read the trick is to act like an optimist, even if you aren’t feeling like one.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we can’t disagree with the facts, your facts. Thank you for pointing those out.

      I think you’re right, thinking like an optimist will always bring positive results. We all need to remain as positive as we can, take responsibility for ourselves, follow the ‘rules of the road,’ mask up to try to reduce the virus.

  2. I sense that many of us are laughing to keep from crying. A desperate trick to make ourselves believe we are approaching these times with a positive attitude.

    That is the only game we can play until there’s a vaccine for this virus. After all, we force ourselves to do a lot of things.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it would be difficult to know for sure, speaking for myself but working intuitively, I think there will be many responses, including your own. For me struggling with autism it has made the whole covid thing worse.

      Disbelief, denial, panic. We must shine that light on ourselves, and start to take control effectively and appropriately and understand we are responsible for reducing the virus, by our actions.

      Whilst the majority are being responsive and responsible, others are ignoring instruction, doing as they please.

      Although a vaccine is welcome, covid unlike the flu, I suspect will work differently; we may be treading water for many years to come. The virus is not seasonal like flu and cases are still continuing to show up.

      I think a positive mental attitude is permanently needed, and for us to have any chance of reducing the virus, a different perception is needed.

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