Positive thinking

If, like me, you were not encouraged to open up and talk about things as you were growing up, concerns, worries and problems will never have been discussed. That doesn’t amount to positive thinking.

Perhaps our parents didn’t talk about their concerns and feelings, so we learned not to talk either. Or perhaps it was because we weren’t sure how our thoughts would be received, whether what we were saying was something our parents would think was stupid. But whatever the reason, if parents are open with us, we will learn how to be open.

We function better when we talk about things, and that helps give us a more positive outlook. Being able to think positively comes with many emotional benefits. Issues become less stressful and less stress means increased mental clarity. Those of us who continually think positively also experience better health.

Positive thinking is a great way of reprogramming the mind, so that we can tackle issues that crop up. But to deal with our issues, we must think positively and change any negative thinking. For us to practise positive thinking we must believe in the power of positive thinking, because that will bring about positive change.

8 Jul, 2010

8 thoughts on “Positive thinking

  1. I agree with you Ilana. People that think positive, seem to do better mentally. That’s me, I tend to think positively about things. I think a weekly positive thought is a great idea. I like mantras also. I guess they are about the same.

    When I was growing up it was basically the same as you. You didn’t really tell everybody how you were feeling mentally and positivity was almost unheard of. We were positive sometimes when we were going to be in trouble LOL! I think your idea is a great one and your post is really great also. Lisa

    1. Yes we didn’t Lisa, but were never encouraged to. Just think how different things would be now if we had been. We wouldn’t be struggling with what we perhaps do and wouldn’t be working through what we are working through now!

      We’re doing okay though, we have a voice, a platform from which we can talk and each other for support.

  2. What a difference this has made in my life as long as I apply it. It seems invariably something happens or a curve ball gets thrown my way and I go to duck and get stuck being low. The key for me is to get back up, stand up straight and be positive. It would have probably been easier to bear whatever I was ducking if I had just stood my ground and continued with the positivity. Live and learn I think I’ll be up more often.

    1. Brian, I think this is true for all of us, not just you. I wonder how many times we’ve given in because life seems easier, less falling out in the long run? If we don’t stand our ground, we tend to get walked over.

      I know you’ll be up more often. You’re a fighter, I know you will do what you have to, to stay up there. You’re a fighter.

  3. I’m reading this to my dad when he gets back, I really think he needs to hear this or read it. He gets down on himself daily; he has Bipolar so it’s easy for him to become his worst enemy and not know it.

    He’s on stable medication thank God, but a little bit everyday he thinks negative and wallows in his own self pity. It’s a downer really.

    1. Awww thanks Bonnie. When we’re in the thick of dealing with any symptoms, it’s always difficult to stay positive, but when your dad’s meds are under control, his behaviour will be normal again and that’s when he can start to think positively.

      I know that with your support Bonnie, your dad will always feel supported.

  4. Reading this post makes me think how I feel and the perspective I have on life. The one and only I have to thank is my mom.

    She’s been through SO MUCH, yet never complained about anything. She’s worked her entire life, lost and saved children, was in a frustrating marriage, yet kept a stable job and a smile on her face.

    She set huge examples for us.

    1. I love this Bonnie. Thank you and you’re absolutely right… your mother did set huge examples for you. A wonderful legacy in the making and for you too.

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