Preventative health

I have always believed in health, but I don’t believe that any of us can totally rely on what is called preventative health care to keep us well.

To say something is preventative means to avoid altogether and that may never happen in the way it’s suggested. We cannot prevent illness just as much as we cannot prevent disease. Other factors also must be taken into consideration, such as hereditary conditions, emotional wellness, illness, age and environmental health issues.

I have always tried to be pro-active on my health. I believe there are things we can do to lower our risk of getting cancer and other types of illness, but to think that they’re completely preventative would throw us into a false sense of security. Health can never be completely preventative, there are too many other factors we would need to consider.

I also believe there are so many conflicting reports out there in the media about health and what constitutes good health. We are constantly being bombarded with the latest medical thoughts; they change so fast. I believe that we must take charge and control of our health, so that we reduce the risks of illness at all costs.

We need to be pro-active in all health care needs, instead of relying on the Government, telling us how and what we should eat. We need to educate ourselves first so that we are nutritionally aware, taking other factors into consideration.

I think balance, moderation and being responsible and sensible about our food choices will help us contribute to becoming more aware. This is the way we need to go.

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19 Nov, 2011

6 thoughts on “Preventative health

  1. I agree totally. I think dietary factors affect our health more than anything. Eating right may not prevent disease but it will help tremendously. I see doctors preventing symptoms not disease.

    I feel some are crooked in that they will say something is wrong when there is nothing going on. That’s how they make money and get kick-backs from the drug companies.

    They put us on meds that have worse side effects than the symptoms, there in causing more symptoms to treat.

    I don’t fully trust the health care system and I’m a nurse.

    1. I think many of us will have a tale or two tell about the health care system Lisa. You’re probably not alone on that. I agree with you that dietary factors play a big part in determining our ability to stay well.

      Watch out for more blogs on this particular topic.

  2. What you have said here is very true. By eating the right foods and exercising if we are able to, plus not smoking will go a long way towards being healthy.

    Without our health we don’t have much. We ca do little without it.

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