Principles of morality

If you believe in karma, you will know we are not punished for our sins, but by them. If we abuse for long enough, the very things that are precious to us, will be the very things we lose. It is something we must all think about.

We do it to ourselves every day and don’t stop to think, we just live our lives. We can’t make decisions based on our own self-absorbed thinking and still expect our lives to work out. We are judged on our intent.

If we choose to put someone in a position just so we can better ourselves, then we can expect at some point to be put in the position we put that person in. Karma will always come back worse than what we hand out. But by association innocent people who have dealings with us can also get caught up in our crossfire and that’s not fair.

Karma isn’t something we experience individually either. When it comes to politics, Dalai Lama and I quote, “when politicians and rulers forget their principles of morality, disastrous events will continue to happen.”

In other words, when the people whose job it is to look after the people they serve, lose their morality, unruly and terrible things will occur. Everything bad that is happening in the world is happening as a consequence of that rule. Animal abuse has increased, they’re also getting caught up in the crossfire.

“According to statistics released by the RSPCA, animal cruelty investigations rose last year to 5 per cent to 149,604, with more than 400 calls a day. Calls to the RSPCA’s hotline rose 4 per cent to 1.15 million calls last year, or one every 27 seconds.” Daily Express (March 2017)

It is important world leaders, and society as a whole do more to correct their behaviour and immorality, and so we can all heal.

17 Jun, 2018

6 thoughts on “Principles of morality

  1. I’m reminded of the principle of witchcraft, where if you use black magic to wish evil on others, it will come back on you threefold, (something along those lines from what I have learned).

    It just seems like morality and even common human decency have gone by the wayside, in the quest for money and power from what I can tell. What kind of people can sleep at night, knowing there are people starving to death; while so many of us are able to eat to the point of gluttony?

    I grew up in a world where we were always going hungry, so I have an idea of what it’s like. What kind of world do we live in where there’s more than enough to go around, but people aren’t willing to share?

    My principles of morality weren’t taught to me by my parents, seeing as they were willing to sacrifice theirs, in order to get what they wanted, even at the expense of their children’s safety and security.

    We were so often shown off like ‘poor orphan kids’ to get sympathy from people and therefore more stuff like food and money. My beliefs came from comic books and legends of King Arthur, seeing as they were one of my only escapes from the madness that was my childhood.

    I was always trying to do the right thing, but mostly for everyone else’s sake, which obviously didn’t do a whole lot to make my life better. Part of me always knew the difference between right and wrong, but another part of me resented the fact that those who did so much wrong against me, seemed to get away with it without a lot of consequences.

    Now I have to work so much harder than ever to let go of those old feelings, since they have been dragging me down for most of my life. I have consistently punished myself for mistakes I made when I didn’t do the right thing when I should have, but nobody ever really told me that it was okay to be human.

    I have spent most of my life just surviving and existing while trying to live like a vulcan or an android, which obviously doesn’t work very well for human beings. If I haven’t paid a high enough price already for my mistakes, I really don’t know what it would take, seeing as I don’t have a lot to show for being almost 50 years old.

    I can only focus on fixing my life, seeing as nobody else really seems to want my help anyways.

    1. Thanks Randy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I understand your frustrations because those were mine too for many years, until a diagnosis changed my path.

      I believe you can change your path too. You know everything you need to know about your childhood, about your parents and the life you could have.

      You know and have morality in the bucket loads, but as you have experienced, not everyone uses it for themselves. All we can do is hope that others will want to.

      It becomes counter-productive looking at our age and then equating that to our life and experiences. What is important is what we do from now, not what we’ve left behind.

  2. It is very obvious that our society is in deep moral and social decline, no question about it.

    How we arrived here could be blamed on many things, such as worshiping false Gods, being loyal to hypocrisy or dancing with evil for profit and power.

    Whatever the reasons are, we are walking on thin ice.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, there is also no doubt in my mind that society is in deep moral and social decline.

      My own thinking as to how we got here is simple. A lack of human decency such as empathy, compassion, tolerance and patience. Unless we follow a certain path there is little patience and tolerance.

      We need to be more tolerant and understanding of people and people’s practices. I also think and you’ve confirmed it in your response, as a society we have become more materialistic and that comes with the desire for profit and power.

      What we must do is go back to basics and start thinking about our fellow man, how we can integrate amongst ourselves and bring more tolerance into our lives.

      I also think that until we learn how to live and bring more spiritual practices into the proceedings, we really are treading on thin ice. I’m not sure how long we can go on treading on thin ice before it breaks and we’re looking at the breakdown of society.

  3. I agree Tim. We are indeed walking a dangerous path, where it may well be too late to find refuge. Only time will tell.

    1. I agree with both you and Tim. What I find sad and irritating is that we are all in a position to change how we respond and communicate with others.

      We do this to ourselves and to others and yet we don’t seem bothered to change any of it. All it takes is understanding, patience and tolerance.

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