Protect your Peace

In Covid-19, and with anxiety hitting every day, it has become even more important to protect your peace and to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries represent self-care and empowerment.

As you get older you begin to understand the need to protect your peace, just how important it is to protect your mental health and yourself; and to make sure others don’t interfere, or hijack your emotional health; your peace.

Everyone needs boundaries. Boundaries help us align with our identity, with who we are. With boundaries in place, we can make mental health a priority. When we’re in a peaceful place, we’re more likely to think about possibilities in a way that can help us think about success.

When we have peace we’re more likely to achieve success, but success shouldn’t change us, or we may never have peace. Peace isn’t something we just have, but it is something we should continue to work on. It is easier to achieve success, when you have peace in your life.

But ultimately peace comes when you begin to understand what you should tolerate and what you should walk away from. When we fail to do that, we may continue to struggle with attaining peace.

7 Sep, 2021

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