Purposeful Connections

It is fascinating when you understand how the universe connects with us and how those connections bring people into our lives, if only for a fleeting moment. On our part, it is important we understand why people aren’t supposed to stay, or why we’re not supposed to stay in other people’s lives.

Often, people will come into our lives fleetingly, with a message that will help us move on. They may come at a time where we’re either mentally or emotionally stuck, unbeknown to us we’re not always aware of how that connection works. When it comes to life, some of us won’t consciously stop to think about our connections, why they happen or what they mean, but others who practice and understand how spirit timing works, will be continually aware.

So, purposeful connections are there specifically to help us look at our lives, to bring what we’re doing into focus so that we can work through those things and choose to do those things differently. But the connection is often fleeting; the universe doesn’t advertise, so it would be easy for us to miss its message and connection.

With all purposeful connections we must continue to consciously be aware, so we don’t miss the signs or their meaning, even if it means us having to read between the lines.  Comments or conversations meant for us will always reach us, usually appearing in the form of a message. Like morse code, we must be adept at recognising the signs of those messages.

People come into our lives at certain points, because the universe believes we need their help. On our part we must accept this is exactly what we need. We must also come to accept that the universe believes we’re ready to accept their message, for us to change and so that we may have success.

The universe will always intervene, if it knows what we’re doing isn’t selfless, or that what we’re doing isn’t getting us the right response or result. The universe will always impart the information we need, so that we can help ourselves work through any new approach.

We mustn’t become complacent or continue to lead blindly. It’s also not enough to simply live. We need to understand our lives, why we’re here, and why we may have those purposeful connections.

We must be prepared to open our eyes, to understand those brief connections, interpret and decipher the information we’re being given. Often, it’s simply because what we’re doing isn’t right and we need to re-assess.

31 Jan, 2017

10 thoughts on “Purposeful Connections

  1. I’ve believed the same thing for many years. When I explain my belief to other people, they either understand what I’m talking about or try to, or they give me a look of confusion and insanity.

    We’re all here for our own purpose, our own path. Some friends and loved ones are set in our path to guide us toward our goals.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, it’s not always easy to understand how the Universe works and what it all means and I absolutely agree with your understanding. I would just add that it’s not always family, primarily because we may not always get the support.

      I believe and from what I know it’s anyone who wasn’t in our life, who comes into our life, even if it is for a short while and who will change or have an impact on us, on how we do things. As you say, set in our path to help guide us to a more successful outcome.

  2. It’s a mystery how life inspires awe when we least expected it, when people inadvertently keep us from poisoning our lives.

    You’re right to acknowledge that the Universe is the author of it.

    1. Aww thanks Tim. Yes, I believe the signs are there and we are saved, or can be but possibly not in all cases.

      I say, possibly not mainly because some of us may press the self-destruct button and in doing so don’t realise the signs are there.

  3. I believe this too. This is especially true of people who come into our lives, often unexpectedly, and do or say something to change circumstances that things happen for a reason, although we may not understand it at the time.

    I often look back and realise afterwards, sometime years later and the ‘penny drops’ and I have a better understanding of a situation.

    Understanding that these seemingly chance happenings are all part of a bigger jigsaw is helpful, as it offers an explanation or answers that we may otherwise struggle with.

  4. Yes, they do happen like the time I was handed a bag of old comic books that led to an escape for me from the horrors of my childhood. It provided heroes for me to believe in, at a time when there wasn’t a whole lot for me to believe in.

    We didn’t have much of a chance to make a lot of connections for all of those years, but that was one pivotal moment that could have changed the direction my life was headed in. It worked for a while until things happened that I didn’t know how to deal with, so I became lost in my own mind for a very long time.

    My Mother finally succeeded on breaking my spirit bending me to her will and that’s when I stopped caring about so many things. The other connection would have to be when my daughter was born, seeing as I was able to love her in a way that I hadn’t been able to for a long time.

    I hate to imagine that it was meant to be that she ended up having Cerebral Palsy, but she was alive and it could have been so much worse. She actually loved me just as much in return, which should have been enough to keep me going but it wasn’t.

    There were so many other issues that I hadn’t dealt with, so eventually my demons won the war. This still is so very hard to deal with at times, but I know if it was possible to change things, I would. She is the one person I regret letting down the most, since I so desperately wanted to be the kind of father that she needed.

    I’m sure there were plenty more that I can’t think of right off hand. One of the hardest things I have had to do is learn when one of those connections is either good or bad for me. I was forced as a child to be very nice to some very bad people, so eventually I wasn’t always able to tell the difference.

    My parents didn’t really allow us to think for ourselves, since they didn’t want people to know what was going on at home. We were deliberately kept isolated from others and even if we did make friends, we were too ashamed to bring them home.

    My ability to connect with other human beings was seriously compromised so now at my age, I have to learn how to make those friends that I never really had.

    I just have to be a lot more careful in who I allow into my life.

    1. It’s wonderful when we have something that takes us out of where we find ourselves. I took myself off, not always sure where, but it was my time to reflect and that I believed saved me.

      Yes, the times we’re supposed to connect, we find we can’t; because we haven’t got the tools because we haven’t been taught. All you can do Randy is do what you’re doing.

      You are an inspiration to me because you always find a way through and do it with such positivity.

      1. Thanks. You have no idea of how amazing it is to be called an inspiration, considering I don’t hear it from other people right now.

        Most of what I hear are complaints about all the things I’m not doing, because they think I’m supposed to be magically cured overnight. It’s like somebody expecting your issues to just vanish, when that isn’t going to happen.

        It would be fantastic if people could learn to have a tiny bit of empathy for others once in a while.

        1. No problem Randy. I tell things how I see them and you are.

          If others fully understood what it takes for us to get out there, they would have empathy. People who don’t have or show empathy are usually like that with themselves. Those are my experiences.

          At times, I’ve struggled to comprehend my own life, so I know what it’s like for others, even though our experiences are different. It’s a shame some people just don’t quite get it.

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