Pushing an agenda

Perhaps it’s not news that being on the receiving end of someone’s agenda doesn’t help us, or our relationships. But it’s not only institutions that push agendas, individuals do it too.

For those pushing their agenda, they will come in and talk about the things they’re struggling with, not looking for advice or an opinion, but using us as a sounding block. On our part whether we hand out the advice or not, we become the sounding block for the other person to push his or her agenda.

But those pushing an agenda don’t come to look for approval, or help. That’s not how it works. Pushing an agenda means trying to push to make something happen, for the other person to agree that what they’re doing is right, even if we know it’s not. That can never work, because they’re not being open and transparent, about who they are. 

We’re seeing governments pushing their own agendas, not taking other people’s opinions, into consideration. What’s hard to grasp is that whilst anyone pushes their own agenda, they’re throwing a childish temper tantrum into the equation when others don’t see the world in the same way they do.

But nothing will or can be accomplished that way. When anyone pushes an agenda, they’re telling the universe they care about themselves more than they care about what others think or feel and the universe simply won’t allow that.

In the longer term it can never work.

8 Dec, 2018

4 thoughts on “Pushing an agenda

  1. The CP Diary is designed to resist the penetration of any agenda short of healing and mindfulness. Of course, all ideological bents and agenda’s have been respected here.

    My brother has an agenda every time he opens his mouth.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, ever since I started the Diary, I have always been mindful of how I write. You’re absolutely right ‘The CP Diary is designed to resist the penetration of any agenda and is all about healing and mindfulness.’

      It was never been my intention to wittingly subject those concerned and bring them into the limelight. Those who are responsible, even if they don’t consciously acknowledge their behaviour know what they have done.

      Through my own beliefs I have never chosen to push an agenda. Although that has never been my way, it’s just sad that I’ve been on the receiving end of others choosing to live their lives that way.

      I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if there had been no agendas. Each experience I write about proves that in one way or another, but never personally directed.

    1. Yes, we can all aspire to a life of selflessness. All it takes is one kind gesture. Just imagine what the world could like that if we were all selfless.

      It’s not difficult, you just have to want to care.

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