Putting effort into success

When we put effort into success it is possible to reach for success. There is no reason why anyone would be devoid of success, unless we’re waiting for success to land in our lap, or we may spend a lifetime blaming others.

But it is important to put effort into everything. It’s how success can work. Whilst it’s always good to put the effort in, it shouldn’t just be because we’re hungry for and want success. Hungry for success may come with ego and when you work from the ego, life works out differently.

Effort is something we should put in, effort to want to better ourselves, to better our lives, to be better people. Effort to live and enjoy life in a way that brings about potential success. To put effort into just wanting the reward or the goal isn’t a good enough reason. The universe expects us to put the effort in, regardless of the outcome.

It is important to at least try, trying means you put the effort in to change, and to challenge how we see other people. The more effort we put in, the more the opportunity may arise to meet with potential success.

14 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Putting effort into success

  1. I have been putting an amazing amount of effort into my life over the past couple of years and have had what I consider to be a good amount of success.

    It makes such a great difference when you have somebody who supports you, in whatever you choose to do. It seems hard to believe how successful I could become, by enjoying and just doing things I have learned, like cutting up wood.

    I’m not looking to get super rich, but it would be nice to enjoy a comfortable living. I am trying hard to focus on things that I can and that makes my life easier.

    1. That’s great Randy. Yes, it’s always good, not only to find something you’re good at, but using what you’re good at to bring about some success.

      It sounds as though you have managed both with ease. Good for you.

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