Reaching boiling point

It takes a steely determination and great effort on our part to begin to recognise our emotions, but we only ever take stock when we hit rock bottom. The rest of the time we tend to cruise without giving our emotions a second’s thought.

Unfortunately, until we’re consciously aware, weren’t not aware. As we go about our daily lives, we continue to assume and take our emotions for granted without stopping to think or question where we’re at, until such a time we reach boiling point and then we let rip.

Perhaps, we need to continually free up our emotions so that we have an easier time focusing. I think that’s part of the problem, we’re just not doing it. Unfortunately, when we’re heading towards a meltdown, we don’t seem to be able to consciously stop ourselves. It starts with the psychological and then morphs into the physical.

It depends on what rock bottom means to each of us. Hitting rock bottom may not always be a bad thing. It just means it’s the beginning of us having to question everything that we need to question to bring about change. That what we’re doing isn’t working.

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re there until we’re there, by which time it’s often too late. The irony is that it’s never too late, we just need to adjust our sails to meet life’s demands, so that we don’t succumb to hitting rock bottom.

9 Nov, 2016

6 thoughts on “Reaching boiling point

  1. My emotions and my life instantly became fragile with the political reality that took place in America last night. The most deranged thing I’ve ever seen propelled full speed to the White House.

    But I haven’t reached the boiling point and I never will; my faith will greet destruction in a dignified way.

    1. Thanks Tim. I draw comfort and it has been highlighted already that this wasn’t so much a Trump win, but a message to democracy and Hillary Clinton. Although I don’t agree this was the way to do it having already gone through Brexit; the signs were already there that the American politicians hadn’t worked out.

      I believe too that our faith has a way of bringing us back into line. We must still have and live with hope. The world needs to heal, individually we must heal, become less divided and must find a way to continue to live with hope in our hearts.

  2. I can recall a time about 8 years ago when I struggled with making decisions about anything; at work or in my family life and had I not recognised the signs I believe I was heading for an emotional breakdown.

    Thankfully I pulled away ‘from the edge’ and began to slowly take stock by talking it through. I can recall those feelings now and it is not a place I would want to go back to. This happened to a close friend who took 6 weeks off work on his doctor’s advice.

    Rock bottom is not a good place, but I do believe that if we can recognise the signs and talk through our emotions; we can find positives in despair or preferably avoid getting to that place.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it can be quite scary when that happens; I understand. If it weren’t for my inner dialogue, I too would have probably hit rock bottom, given what I’ve had to deal with as a child growing up.

      I spent my childhood working and listening to my inner dialogue and absolutely agree that it is important to talk about things. We cannot function or manage our lives successfully without working through our emotions.

      I also believe that talking things through can provide positives in times of despair. It’s a great feeling when for the first time, we begin to see a different perception on something we’ve been struggling to deal with that has caused us an enormous amount of stress.

  3. Yes, usually I’m the last to know when I’m about to explode. My girlfriend assumes that it’s just a little thing that has set me off, which she finds ridiculous, but quite often it’s the latest in a long line of little things that triggers me.

    It may seem like I go from comatose into a rage, in a millisecond to people who don’t know me. I have spent most of my life trying to live like a vulcan, suppressing all of my feelings, which doesn’t work well for humans.

    There is a volcano just under the surface of a lifetime of suppressed emotions that can get to a boiling point so very quickly. The reality is that I need to finally work on letting all of it go in a safe and effective manner.

    This isn’t something I have a lot of experience with as far as dealing with my emotions, as they come rather than stuffing them just to survive. Most people have parents who help them to learn how to do things like this, but mine didn’t set a very good example.

    They were always just so angry and most of the time we wouldn’t know why. It was enough to make a person neurotic when you feel like you always have to walk around on eggshells. We didn’t have the luxury of being able to process much of anything.

    It isn’t much of a life when you don’t have a chance to feel anything, good or bad. It’s more like just existing, which I’m tired of doing.

    I would like to be able to finally enjoy living, in what time I do have left.

    1. Yes, if these things aren’t afforded to us by our parents that if our parents don’t start off parenting us that way, it probably will never happen in our lifetime.

      Like you, I was never afforded the emotional prowess as a child, but I would spend hours thinking about and using reflection as a tool to understand my circumstances, as a means to learning everything I needed to learn, so that I could become a better adult.

      When things aren’t addressed it’s easy to see how we reach boiling point, but I believe that we can get to change things; that it may take us time, but we need to consciously continue to process our experiences.

      It’s honestly believe it’s so important we change the very things that hold us back, so that we get to live our life, not just exist around a life of experiences, we would rather just forget.

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