Realities and self-worth

Everyone lives in their own version of their realities, no matter how much of that reality they perceive, even if it is different to that of someone else. We detect information in our realities.

Our self-worth relies on our realities being positive. No matter how much negativity we are subjected to, it’s important we put a positive slant on things so that we make sure our self-worth is not affected.

Generally, we interpret and respond to interpretation in our realties, even if our reality means others may interpret and experience a different reality to us, based on the very same information.

It is important that whatever our realities, we don’t judge ourselves, or others. It is also important not to compare, or measure our life in relation to another person’s life. We must never use comparisons to measure our self-worth.

Appearances are not always as they seem, appearances don’t always tell the truth. What we see or understand as an appearance, has meaning attached to it that we may not always be aware of.

We must come to understand the meaning behind appearances, rather than simply choose to go in and judge what we see as an outward appearance, or reality.

8 Dec, 2019

4 thoughts on “Realities and self-worth

  1. Reality, what a concept! I believe that is a quote from Robin Williams, which I can definitely relate to.

    My reality has been a nightmare for so long that living the way I have been lately, has been quite an adjustment. There has still been some chaos, but more of the good kind that involves older children and interacting with them.

    I have spent the majority of my life being forced to over think everything that I’ve done to the point of insanity, thanks to my parents and my childhood.

    It would be great if I didn’t have to think so much about everything, as thinking so much gives me a migraine.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, unless we choose our lives, as oppose to our lives being chosen for us, we end up living someone else’s reality.

      Not the best concept, I can resonate with you, but one we must come through. There is so much wrong with that, and not something we’re always able to change when we want.

      Working through my own realities has not only been a big lesson for me, but it has enabled me to come through stronger.

      The more we are able to work through our realities, the more we’re likely to see our self-worth. Adjustments are good. It shows you’re learning to adapt and come through the other end.

  2. Other people’s reality can cause great pain when their reality becomes too accessible. Absurd beliefs and behaviours become ours when we fail to realize our self-worth. Young minds are particularly vulnerable.

    I have always respected my reality, even when I wasn’t fully conscious of it.

    1. Thanks Tim. When you say, ‘other people’s reality can cause great pain when their reality becomes too accessible’ – a human failing when others dealing with pain fail to take responsibility and make their pain about us.

      It is important we respect our realities and own those, because those are our to own. The more we are able to own our realities, the more we take charge and control of our lives.

      As my story shows, those who should have been responsible for their own realities made their realities around my disability about me.

      Self-worth comes when we can accept what we have to deal with and get on with dealing with those things positively.

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