Recognising the signs for personal growth

When people are at one with themselves, they feel whole, happy and are in sync with their lives. They don’t take offence, are not easily wounded or triggered by other people’s words or actions. They tend not to take things personally and will quite often see the bigger picture.

For those who do take offence, with each conflict, wounding or dispute there are many opportunities for self-healing, but it’s important to acknowledge our feelings and underlying pain. It’s also important for us to recognise any deep wound being brought to the surface, process those emotions so that we can work through them, or address any past issues with a counsellor.

We all have lessons, we all have a journey to take. Ask yourself what you’re being taught by the dispute and work on seeing how that dispute can be resolved in an amicable, non-judgmental way.

When people take responsibility and control for their own lives, including their issues, they will see the hidden gifts being offered, the learning, the lessons and the personal growth. The very platform that allows them to grow, heal and renew.

I absolutely believe that seeing life’s lessons and the inner gift or soul learning is what really heals us.

1 Jul, 2010

4 thoughts on “Recognising the signs for personal growth

  1. Yes but, how do you see the hidden gifts being offered, the learning, the lessons and the personal growth…?

    1. Bill, by acknowledging feelings and underlying pain, processing those emotions and working through those feelings and underlying pain, allows us to recognise self growth.

      We sometimes also allow other people to make decisions for us without taking back some form of control. The more you stay in control, the more you manage your life.

      There are always reasons behind conflicts and disputes, but I believe there is always a bigger picture as to why we have to work through those disputes. Just accepting that things happen, often makes it easier for us to accept that is has so that we can move on rather than internalise issues. When we internalise issues, we stagnate very quickly and end up blaming others instead of sorting ourselves out. Often the problems lie within.

  2. What is hard sometimes is that some people never learn and they keep putting the blame on others. It’s like they are owed something for the problems they’ve had in their life. I agree with you. If you let the past go and learn from it you’ll have more peace within and not find conflict with others.

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