Reflecting on the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has become part of our lives, therefore, it’s important we take time to reflect on it. It’s not a time to ignore, or think it’s for someone else to reflect that we don’t have to.

We must be ready to change the way we do things. It’s not enough for us to think about change and then quickly dismiss it as if it’s not our problem, or it won’t happen to us.  We must think about the virus and what it means. Think about why and what we must change through the other end.

If you believe things happen for a reason, us understanding the coronavirus and its message is very much the reason. It’s not enough to tell ourselves it’s fine, we’re staying home and everything will be fine in a few months. Nothing is fine unless we make it fine. It is important we think about the changes we need to make through the other end.

Although the frenetic pace of life has subsided, and we’re no longer dashing around, we’ve lost our liberty in the process. There are people selfishly choosing to flout the rules and are unnecessarily going out, putting those who have to be out more at risk.

Whilst the majority of us bed down, they are selfishly doing the opposite. If the virus were to hit them or their loved ones, I’m sure they’d be taking a different tack.

We’re also having to make do with what we have in our homes, limiting our time out of the house. We’re understanding what it means to be frugal and making what we have last, rather than forget we have things in the house that we bought weeks ago that we’ve put into a cupboard and ignored.

Businesses, restaurants and gyms are now closed and the streets feel like ghost town. Now is the time to lessen our greed and increase our patience and our ability to share. This isn’t about us anymore, it’s about everyone.

For the first time we’ve become vulnerable. Being vulnerable brings humility and reflection but that must continue, we must continue to be humble and use our time wisely and to reflect. We must work and act as one.

The streets are eerily quiet, there is a silence we have never experienced before. We must change our mindset permanently. It is time for us to live an altogether different life.

*Please continue to stay safe.*

6 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Coronavirus

  1. It is glaringly obvious that people aren’t taking the virus seriously, seeing as they’re still doing things exactly the same way they used to.

    I was not impressed when I saw a couple with a daughter in a wheel chair out at the store, on top of not wearing masks or gloves which I thought to be ridiculous.

    There wasn’t any good reason for this, other than that they would be able to use a handicapped parking spot, which I found to be insulting and had to bite my tongue, in order to not chew them out over it.

    People don’t seem to be taking any of it very seriously. They are one of many reasons this should be a wake up call to smarten up before it’s too late.

    1. You must live close to the store Randy. A mother with a child isn’t great, even more so with a disabled child.

      We have the same in the UK. It won’t happen to me springs to mind. The irony is that it does happen, when we least expect it. Governments, and countries should be working together on this. There should be a total ban on this.

      Grocery shopping is a necessity, masks and gloves should be worn.

      I hope you’re staying safe Randy and you’re home.

  2. I went for an early morning walk today and noticed how calm and quiet everything was.

    There was very little traffic and people, just the birds and rustling of trees to listen to. It would be nice to think we can keep some of this peace when we are through the virus, but it will take a massive effort for people not to return to their old ways.

    I know we can do it, but human nature is disappointingly selfish. We must work on moving forward and not fall back into bad behaviour patterns that doesn’t help the natural world.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, we must make the effort. The coronavirus is our biggest lesson to date.

      Without change, we’re not only continuing to set ourselves up to fail and die prematurely, but generations who are just being born. We need to make this work.

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