Regaining control

It’s always bad to invest our energy and get hooked on the wrong things that make us lose sight and control. The good part is that to regain control over our personal lives, isn’t as hard as we think.

Losing control means we’re powerless to regain control and that usually happens when we leave things too long. We tend to leave things too long, because we tell ourselves the problem will correct itself or we stand on ceremony because we’re too stubborn and won’t back down, as we wait for the other person to do the running.

The irony is that as when we unconsciously continue to follow the same patterns without giving what we do a seconds thought, we can never have control. The faster we consciously respond, the less helpless we will be and the more control we will have.

The longer we wait, the more confidence we lose, the harder things become. The sooner we deal with issues, the quicker those issues will get resolved. Perhaps, we should act instead of accumulating problems, without trying to solve them. For every problem, there is a solution. It’s up to us to try to work the solution out.

Finally, with each problem we face we will come to learn a new skill that helps with confidence that will help us gain back control.

29 Apr, 2016

4 thoughts on “Regaining control

  1. I am not an optimistic man, and I was never given any kind of painkiller to endure this life; but I feel I can climb out of almost anything.

    Life has a way of emasculating men and breaking women, so we must regain control of our lives, as there are no other options.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you say you’re not an optimistic man Tim, but from your responses I would say you’re more optimistic than you think you are!

      Unfortunately we bring a lot of how we behave on ourselves. Each generation brings with it a new and different thinking and society has to change to keep pace.

      To be honest I’m not sure whether we’re always in control but if we are ever not in control, we must regain control, so that we are.

  2. Thank you Ilana. I’d say I do a very bad job at managing my frustrations. So to maintain control I need to exercise prudence, instead of anticipating the worst possible outcome of things.

    But when things get crazy, I get crazy with it; I should live, learn and just let it go.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes until we learn how to handle stress in uncertain times; people and circumstances, things will get out of hand.

      I believe though, that through experience and maturity we can turn how we see things around and learn to deal with issues more positively. Not always straight away, but it can come.

      I tend to stand back so that I withdraw emotionally until I’ve thought things through on how to deal with a particular issue; then I go back in and work out what I need to do. It’s a very short process and I feel it works.

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