Removing the blindfold

It’s because we’re so attached to our own limited ideologies that we fail to look at the whole. When we come to accept an ideology as the sole truth, when other people’s facts contradict our beliefs no matter how plausible those ideologies are, we fail to take off the blindfold.

Even when the facts or new facts contradict our current beliefs and we are feeling threatened, we’re still not prepared to remove the blindfold.

But just imagine how big the world becomes when we’re willing to shift our ideology past our own personal beliefs. It’s a big world out there, it’s important we learn about it. Removing the blindfold allows us to engage unconditionally to what’s beyond our own four walls and that allows for emotional and spiritual growth. 

We’re telling the world we’re open to possibilities beyond what we think we know and that says a lot about us. But whilst the blindfold is on, we’re not choosing to look inwards at our thought process and that has the potential to set the events of a negative cycle in motion.

Through the blindfold that’s permanently fixed, we’re conditioning ourselves to self-limiting beliefs without looking for further explanation.  When we take the blindfold off and we’re looking at our lives, we’re more likely to see its flaws and put that down to bad luck, and other people’s behaviour, rather than accept we have self-limiting beliefs.

Those in itself are false ideologies, but I have seen how life goes when views are based on self-limiting ideologies and where we’re not willing to think about or consider other people’s points of view.

So, if the ideology you’re working from has been there for far too long and your life isn’t taking shape, or how you want to be, remember to take the blindfold off.

12 Dec, 2018

4 thoughts on “Removing the blindfold

  1. I was raised in a world where we were supposed to have blinders on and only see things in a certain way, while ignoring the reality of what was going on around us.

    I saw far too many things going on at a very early age that no child should ever have to see, so it’s no wonder I was always so confused.

    My parents didn’t seem to have any kind of filter that would tell them not to expose us to what they did, so we were all extremely traumatised.

    It also didn’t help that I was an empath and could sense when things were wrong, but when you have someone in your ear constantly telling you that everything is normal, it does get to you.

    I have lived for the past 12 years with someone who has tried to do the same thing to me, but she isn’t succeeding. I’m realizing that I don’t have to accept what she considers to be her reality, when I know that isn’t the way things are.

    I’m tired of the constant daily battle for control over my own life, which I haven’t had in a very long time. It is all very new to me learning how to live my own life without the blindfold on and just agreeing with her, to get her to stop bothering me.

    People wonder why I have tolerated this situation and the reality is that ‘you live what you know.’ I’m very hesitant to do things differently, but that’s because I was always punished severely for trying to live my own life as a child, so I have to try to overcome those old fears.

    I just want to be able to live my own life without the fear that has paralysed me for so long.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I believe you can overcome those old fears that won’t leave you paralysed.

      You know what your parents put you through, but you also understand why they put you through what they put you through. It makes a big difference to how we see our parents, but we have to be prepared to think outside the box a little.

      Taking the blindfold off will open up so many avenues for you, like being able to make a decision about your future. If someone ridicules you to the point of changing how you feel about yourself, then it’s time to emotionally change tack.

      Where you say ‘you live what you know’ you’re right. But we can still live what we know in a different lifestyle, with a new set of circumstances.

  2. I find that many people are brainwashed by instinct. It’s hard to articulate, but that empty space where the soul used to be fills up quickly with ideologies that have you swallowing hard.

    The blindfold is instantly there, sometimes permanently.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, as our parents have done and their parents before them, we are conditioned to believe what our parents believe, without a change in our thinking. But we’re born into a different era and should be encouraged to think outside the box.

      Having changed and taken my own blindfold off, I believe we have it in us to bring about change. It’s not always easy, but it’s even harder staying stuck. If I had my time again I would still choose to do the same thing as I have done. It feels good to feel free.

      But the hard part is others being convinced of the changes in us and that will never happen whilst they’re still emotionally stuck emotionally in the past looking at us through an old lens.

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