Respiratory issues

The greatest fear I have, is the one I have no control over and that is my respiratory problems and although they’re easing off now from my last bout of illness, it’s a little worrying that I’ll be continuing to deal with those problems, long into my future.

I didn’t realise they were respiratory problems until a few days ago, when it hit me that this health problem has been my life up to this point and will continue to be my life, unless I find something that completely works. Being premature and having Cerebral Palsy doesn’t help, because my body has to work harder to fight illness.

6 Dec, 2012

4 thoughts on “Respiratory issues

  1. I’m sorry you’re having these problems to deal with. I hope you get over this illness soon.

    You’re a strong person and I’m sure you will find something that works well for you to deal with the respiratory problems.

    You’re very resourceful and smart. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Randy. Although I would like to share your optimism, my respiratory problems are a real concern for me.

      I would like to think there are better days ahead, but I also know that in the longer term if I don’t manage to sort out my respiratory problems or find ways to make sure I’m on top of the problem, I probably won’t be looking at better days.

      What I have is very debilitating and can lead to problems later on.

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