Right & wrong

My mum was a very moralistic person. She exhibited goodness, taught the principles of right and wrong and showed us how to exhibit both.

Unfortunately, we won’t all share or exhibit the same morals. That’s life, but morals are the most important thing we can have. They are what define us and sets us apart from others. Morals set a standard all of their own, that is both important and desirable that when used in the correct way, will hold us in high self-esteem by others.

Our lives should always be based on our moral compass, which guides us each and every day and when making decisions. Morals are a reflection of who we are and of our spirituality. In would be wrong and difficult to live without morals.

Not having any morals will not only affect the actions of a person but others too, as it causes other consequences to happen outside of a person’s control.

Morality allows us to direct empathy towards others and helps us make the right decisions around other people.

13 Jul, 2014

2 thoughts on “Right & wrong

  1. I agree with you. I believe I’m a moral person. I try to do what is right most of the time. That’s what my mom instilled in me.

    I have my beliefs and try to live by them even though sometimes I struggle between what is right and wrong. My conscience does bother me if I do something that isn’t right and I will correct it.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I have to say having this instilled in me for all my life, has made it easy for me understand and equate how to live my life in harmony with all that is moral.

      It’s not always easy to to do what’s right all of the time, but doing what’s right most of the time is good. In a way, moral is a way of life, a belief and a lifestyle choice. Our actions must always reflect that.

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