There are different reasons we run. I wanted to elaborate further on my previous blog on ‘Running away.’ The very reason we run from ourselves is exactly the reason we should run towards ourselves.

We isolate ourselves, we emotionally hide, we lose the connection between what’s happening in the world and our realities. We run from issues, from others and we continue to emotionally run. We avoid the evidence, which  proves that how we see ourselves, is the absolute truth. It’s also a habit.

We learn from an early age how to numb the pain, we mask how we feel, through piling on the food, drugs, sex and alcohol. We buy into this habit-forming lifestyle, avoiding how we feel in the short term, which turns into the long term, until we deal with ourselves.

If we’re not numbing the pain, we’re driven by fear. Fear that not necessarily has anything to do with us, but through our life; our experiences; our past. It’s discomfort that’s become familiar, but it’s not what we want. Through our experiences, some of us may feel shame, others may feel toxic, anything that makes us feel unworthy that we’re beyond help, or a solution.

And we resist change. Change that will bring about new things, a new life, more freedom to think the way we want to, rather than feel tied to the old feelings. Freedom to move on from those lifestyle habits to give us what we need. Then we have gender roles that play out.

Men are brought up to feel that vulnerability is a form of weakness, when in fact it’s a form of strength. We believe what we’re told as children. The truth is, strength lies in our ability to see and change things. To take ourselves in hand and work through the things that continue to hurt us.

To see that we have power to take control, to deal with and take our lives back, for some to accept that we need help and that’s okay.

We must learn to overcome our battles with who we’ve become, rather than who we are or who we can be.

22 Mar, 2017

4 thoughts on “Running

  1. I think most of us run from ourselves and life because we’re broken or in much need of urgent repair. But we shouldn’t let the undertaker tamper with our minds before we’re dead.

    That’s why I keep my fingers crossed and face things, you’d be surprised how liberating that is.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re absolutely right we shouldn’t. We’re a long time dead. I believe it’s important we face things, whilst we still can.

      There is a lot of truth in what you say about us feeling broken. I have head that said before and believe it is true. But like all things break, I believe they can also be mended. That’s the good thing about the human brain.

      The human brain can mend, in the same way it is broken. We can evolve even stronger after working on ourselves. Running isn’t an option. It leaves us wanting to run more.

  2. The thing about running is that you take yourself with you.

    So you can run all you like, you’re not going anywhere until you take control and address what it is you are running from, and that usually starts with ourselves.

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