Running scared

Running scared. We run, because we think we can’t cope, that we won’t cope. We feel intimated, panicked, as if we’re fleeing, giving up. 

We don’t think about our problems in any great detail. We don’t think about or equate that our problems need solutions, or that they need clarification. In our mind, not everything we deal with needs to be solved.

We don’t equate or consciously think about how much energy we will need to work through our problems, but mentally running means we will start to trip up. When we run from our problems, we run from ourselves.

But problems don’t just disappear because we run from them. We run away from problems every day because we think we don’t possess the perspective we need to find solutions, so we take the easy way out.

Running away isn’t just a physical thing. The act of mentally running is hard. Where others may view running as the weaker impulse, it’s not. We must think about the person we can become.

We must find a way to work through our shortcomings, so that we can overcome them. Running isn’t the answer.

7 Sep, 2019

2 thoughts on “Running scared

  1. I have been running for most of my life and I’m beyond tired of doing. It feels like I’m never getting anywhere.

    The reality is that most of the time I end up chasing my tail while never really accomplishing a lot other than driving myself crazy.

    My parents didn’t set a very good example, seeing as they were great at running from their problems and we just got dragged along on their rollercoaster ride.

    I’m exhausted from running and just seeing how much I have lost because of it. Now I have to fight to deal with my problems. There are a lot of things left that I can do, I mustn’t focus on the things that I didn’t get to do.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’ve got this. It’s clear your parent’s didn’t set a good example for you, but I hope that will give you the emotional strength to carve out your own future, in the way you want your life to go.

      Although we are moulded as children to behave and do as our parents do, we’re also capable of understanding what are parents do and can either agree or disagree with the way they do things.

      I believe that as long as we continue to make ourself aware, I believe we can make our own changes, by bringing understanding to some of those issues.

      But to do that we must stay and work things through.

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