Salt of the Earth

Being the salt of the earth is something we should all be striving for, but not everyone is. Basic, honest and good values should be something we all aspire to, something we must be. On the whole people are good, they are trustworthy, honest and reliable, they are ‘the salt of the earth.’

In some respects, the world is constantly improving. Science is helping put an end to many diseases, but we’re still not getting it right. We’re not improving ourselves, we’re not changing ourselves to fit in with each other.

It is our attitudes that need to change before it’s too late for us to go back. We need to be ‘the salt of the earth’ but where we have made more advances, our morals and moral standing has progressively deteriorated and we’re not doing anything to change it.

We may have increased our personal accomplishments over the years, but our sense of meaning and purpose haven’t; it’s not something we seem bothered about. We need to go back to basics and improve ourselves, in a moral and spiritual way, think about our mental and emotional health, whilst still putting others first.

Our accomplishments have simply provided ways for us to express our moral decline faster and more destructively. Through our egos, we ignore the fact we must work together for the greater good of each other and for our place in the world.

23 Dec, 2019

2 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth

  1. I remember the origins of this saying are biblical, but nowadays I guess it means being principled and moral.

    As you say they are characteristics we should all aim for, especially at a time when so many of our role models seems to purposely exhibit the opposite ‘qualities’.

    1. Thank you. Yes ‘when so many of our role models seem to purposely exhibit the opposite ‘qualities.’Politicians need to do and better certainly, primarily because they shape our communities and people’s lives.

      The UK is certainly one example of where people must come together and be the ‘salt of the earth.’ Differences must be put aside, we must all work together and for the greater good.

      The world has changed, people’s attitudes have changed and with it personal beliefs. With less integrity, or moral compass being used. We must all change and come together for the better, to make our lives better.

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