Sarcasm is a sharp, and cutting expression or remark, a bitter taunt or gibe and can when used, employ ambivalence.

Sarcasm isn’t right, made worse if you’re continually on the receiving end of someone’s taunts. It is a satirical remark tempered by humour, used by people to say the opposite of what’s true and to make someone look or feel foolish.

Sarcasm is about the tone, the context, it’s something you will recognise and know when you hear it. It is important if you are on the receiving end not to take the words literal. The cutting, satirical remarks can and do hurt. If you want to improve your relationships and be happier, cut out any use of sarcasm.

It is hostility disguised as humour. People who are on the receiving end of someone’s sarcastic taunts will feel put down and hurt. In fact, sarcasm which is derived from the Greek word ‘sarkazein’ which means ‘to tear or strip the flesh off’ which is a metaphor for ‘speaking bitterly’ and that hurts.

Sarcasm is often used as a subtle form of bullying, bullies who use it are insecure or angry, although they do not see or will admit they are bullies. Sarcasm changes the dynamics of a relationship and if used continually creates hostility. It mustn’t be confused with wit.

Witty statements are usually in response to someone’s unhelpful remarks or behaviour, with an intent to unravel and clarify the issue by highlight its absurdities, sarcasm when used is intended to hurt, it’s caustic and bitter. Where sarcasm continues to be used as a communication tool, it will continue to cause rifts between people.

Sarcastic statements are usually expressed in a cutting manner and for maximum effect, and mustn’t be confused with humour. Witty remarks are however, delivered with undisguised and usually harmless humour.

11 Sep, 2020

2 thoughts on “Sarcasm

  1. I have learnt through my experiences the need to curb my sarcasm, even when it is intended as humour, no matter how harmless the intention.

    It was certainly never used as bullying, but I understand if it is received in that vein then there is no place for it.

    1. If you were to type ‘sarcasm’ into Google it would never come up favourably; it would be as I have written about it. The more honest and open we are, the more we can move on and make the world better.

      Unless you work from the soul, you work from the ego. When anyone works from the ego, traits like sarcasm become part of their everyday language. Whether it’s intended or not, being on the receiving end is stressful and damaging on our health.

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