Saying how things are

Although being open and transparent doesn’t often reward us with brownie points from those who aren’t, it does mean we get to sit comfortably with our conscience.

And being open and transparent may not always sit comfortably with others, but we shouldn’t have to accept another person’s bad behaviour. It is important we tell them how we feel.

If we say something and that someone reacts negatively, they should think about why we’re saying what we’re saying, instead of them making what we say to them, about us. Not saying how we feel, will eventually create a rift.

Not being open not only messes with our health; but stunts emotional and spiritual growth too. Not saying what we feel, also creates more emotional distance, fall-outs, arguments and secrecy between people and in relationships and can also be the difference between staying well and becoming ill.

Saying how things are also means we’re being true to ourselves. We get one crack at the life thing, we must be open, honest and transparent. There is no other way.

8 Jan, 2018

2 thoughts on “Saying how things are

  1. I’m pretty transparent, except when there are lines I shouldn’t cross.

    Perhaps my gut instinct influences me more than my need to tell it like it is; of course, there’s always a time and place for that.

    1. Thanks Tim. The gut instinct is the most important, because it’s the gut that determines what we should say and how we should say it.

      I think more of us should work via the gut. If we did, we’d understand how best to communicate with others. Generally, I think it important we say how we feel and speak our own truth.

      It’s either not seen as politically correct, or were afraid of retaliation.

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