Seeing the whole

Always look at the bigger picture, the whole of something. Without the benefit of us being able to see the whole as opposed to half of something, we defend what we know, without fully understanding that what we’re defending is only half right.

We must see each issue from two sides so that we don’t miss something critical, an insight that shows us the whole, to give us a fuller understanding of the issue or circumstance we’re looking at.

We must view the whole picture in its entirety, to learn everything we need to know about that issue. It is our ability to look beyond the obvious, at the bigger picture that gives us an insight, an understanding of the whole picture. It’s not a vision, but a sense of innately knowing that we know. Tapping into our intuition is the basis for us really knowing.

We can never really know without. It’s real intuition that allows us to make solid decisions based on a strong sense of knowing. It’s a knowing that is based on instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

1 Feb, 2018

4 thoughts on “Seeing the whole

  1. Losing sight of the bigger picture is what frightens me most of all, as my eyes may see the road but not the highway.

    Perhaps if we weren’t so consumed by the smallest of things, the bigger picture would be easier to see.

    1. Thanks Tim. ‘Perhaps if we weren’t so consumed by the smallest things, the bigger picture would be easier to see.’ Yes, you’re absolutely right.

      We make such a fuss of the ‘smaller things’ we fail to get off the starting block in other areas of our life.

      Perhaps we need to stop ‘sweating the small stuff’ and think about the bigger picture of what life is really about.

  2. We have to open our eyes to see the bigger picture. Many fail to recognise the need to do just this and this reminds of an Indian saying that ‘we only open our eyes when we’re dead.’

    1. I have never heard of the Indian saying, but it’s absolutely true.

      Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that once we’ve passed over, we let go of all the earthly trappings that stop us from seeing ‘the bigger picture.’

      It’s at that point that we will begin to recognise how we could and should have done things better.

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